Monday, 21 May 2012

Old Knudsen Is On Top Of Yer Ma World!

Old Knudsen received two comments on his last post and they were so disturbing and upsetting .... nah only kidding it was spam and it was just as pathetic as the last time Old Knudsen was spammed so what did Old Knudsen do?

Thanks for asking, Old Knudsen removed his comments. Old Knudsen doesn't care that he gets over *1000*  people reading his blog a day, it actually annoys him cos you cunts should be paying for his wisdom.

Old Knudsen blogs for himself and so doesn't need comments. He'll just assume you find the posts amazing, interesting and hilarious no need to thank Old Knudsen.

People cum people go ...... just ask yer ma. but posting on Old Bitter Balls is forever.

If any cowardly spammer would like to meet Old Knudsen on the street, he'd happily tear them to pieces like a KFC bargain bucket.

Keep reading/wanking to Old Bitter Balls if ya want, Old Knudsen is just doing what he does and the world loves him for it.       

**Numbers taken from Old Bitter Balls shite meter, his prophetic dreams and intel given to him by contacts from agencies all over the world who have told him of dedicated units from many foreign governments monitoring this blog in the hope that Old Knudsen lets something slip.

How else would the Pentagon know that the Chinese experimental J-20 stealth jets will be ready 2 years ahead of schedule? ........ just keeping the world safe in easy to read leaks. 
Old Knudsen has more leaks in his blog than his water bed does ...... no wait Old Knudsen doesn't have a water bed.

Spammers, you have mistaken Old Knudsen for someone who gives a shit and why do you think you can take him doon now when you failed to last time?   Bored now.