Sunday, 12 September 2010

Doon With The French!

The French are yapping because not only do they have to work a long 35 hour week, take most of August off on top of other holidays, get free cigarettes and wine as part of their health care and are never expected to fight during a war but the government is talking about raising the retirement age from 60 to 62 .............. OMG!!!!! Ya know who is getting blamed for this? no not the Germans who have already raised it from 65 to 67 but instead the British who are now talking about raising their limit from 65 to 67 .

The French as usual are striking and burning British products. " How dare the French government copy a superior cuntry like Great Britain they may sometimes say" well actually its more like "Down with these Anglo-Saxon ideas" yeah that is their insult towards us..... Anglo- Saxon. Come on lets be a little less 11th century here. Sheep burning, cheese eating surrender monkeys who make love with their mouths and fight with their feet, Frogs!

Mon nom est Pierre ........... yer what is itchy? how about ya stop talking in that mongish Lol cat speak and talk proper fcuking English and why the fcuk do you smell like yer sister's cont and garlic?

Old Knudsen is boycotting French things as a protest so don't be expecting to see him up the Ethel tower over in ghey Parree any time soon. Did you know that on French flags the red and blue are held on by velcro so in case of an emergency they can be removed to reveal an all white flag? ............ true story.


Reggie said...

All the Frenchies want to do is make love with their faces and get shitfaced drunk off of that nasty wine they make. Would it really hurt them to take a shower once a week or so?!?

You'd think they'd be more sensible and go ahead and raise the retirement age to 70 and be done with it.

Dammit we should have let the Germans have that shit!!!

63mago said...

Eh? There are British Products?
No BP for me!

Pearl said...


This is why your banned in Halifax.



MJ said...

Are you boycotting French weemen as well?

Conan Drumm said...

The flags and bunting are all out for your triumphant return to Airlann.

63mago said...

Good Luck.