Saturday, 28 August 2010

The Truth Will Set You Up

Glenn Beck a Faux news mouth piece who goes the US stereotype conservative route with ' God is white right, Obama is evil and socialism is scary because Americans are too good to pay taxes' you know, the usual tired crap that still gets them elected so bigots can force 'their' ideas of freedom onto the rest of the nation thus giving the world its modern day concept of America that is loved by all.

The man that hack writer Stephen King once referred to as "Satan's mentally challenged younger brother" which is the best thing he has said in years and unlike his other stuff 'should' be made into a film....... yes set in Maine.

Now Beck was told by God to hold a rally at the Lincoln Memorial on the spot Martin Luther King Jr spoke about his dreams 47 years ago ........ its no wonder King got shot, dreams are like photographs people only want to know about them if they are in them or someone is having sex.

Uppity black people like Al Sharpton don't want whitey using black civil rights icons to further whitey's cause and so is holding his own rally near by.

Al Sharpton listens in on police band radio in case a police officer (of any race) looks at a black criminal the wrong way, he is just as nutty as Beck and like Beck , truth is something only he knows.

Beck who wanks to pictures of Sarah Palin has promoted his rally with the controversial former reality show star God "You're going to see the spirit of God unleashed, unlike you have ever seen it before. At least at a public function." The rapture maybe? lets hope so cos when all those dry shites get beamed up to Heaven the world will be a better place and the gene pool will be cleaner.

No more idiot news stories about Noah's ark being found or vases being dug up in Jerusalem which therefore proves Jesus attended as wedding there. Yeah people seem to think time stands still no one moves hoose or clears up after parties in 2000 years.

"America, today, begins to turn back to God" says Beck ........ um what about the holy wars America is waging with Islam and the gheys? No darn tootin ghey marriages or insurgent lovin mosques dang naggit. As the average American may say.

Its a pity the Bible doesn't have anything about immigration in it so that can be interpreted as immigrants being evil. They just lump them all as Illegal because they are brown and speak Mexican ........... it must be true cos Old Knudsen is white and can speak English when he chooses to and no one asks him if he sneaked over the border in fact they complain to me about immigrants (yes my people) because they think I am one of their own .

Old Knudsen has seen dickheads of all colours and believes you to be an arse until proven otherwise.

The rallies today are the same as those countless ones throughout history. Different names, faces and times but its the same vague agenda getting a dissatisfied people whipped up into a frenzy by giving them imaginary enemies who are the source of all their woes.

These people don't think too much which is ok as long as Beck, Rush Limbaugh , Sean Hannity , Bill O'Reilly and all the other fcuk faced angry conts can make money off the hate and feed the wrong right with the proper opinions.

Just because its right wing doesn't make it ' right ' just as saying the gospel truth doesn't mean that it or the gospels are true. Evil is taking over the world and not doing the right thing the good thing is becoming the norm. People look at you with disgust when you hold open a door for them and their baby laden stroller to get in or honk horns when you stop to make room for a car trying to pull out, common courtesy has becum uncommon.

The right thing is disguised and hidden by spin rammed doon yer throat constantly like a 12 inch cock of lies in a gangbang of deception. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

To give honest Abe the last word .... well he was as honest as any politician can be . " When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion. "


Anonymous said...

Our party rallies in N├╝rnberg here were more organized.

Reggie said...

Glenn Beck is an oxygen thief and I've never understood his appeal.

He's just not a deep thinker and if he had a half a brain, he'd be dangerous; they wouldn't let him walk the streets. His arguments are rarely logical and it's clear that he doesn't spend a significant amount of time thinking. He's the darling of the Jesus freaks because most of them just aren't deep thinkers either. All Jews are good, all Muslims are bad and Barack Obama is a socialist devil. It's all the same bullshit, all the time.

Otto diDactic said...
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Otto diDactic said...

I;ve been on Fbook too long, I forgot how to comment..DUH!

I just cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can buy into Glenn Beck?

His FAUX populist charade is whisper thin at best...but hey, there isn't an amendment that bars an individual's RIGHT to be a dumbass. It's a sad day, but it does explain why most of the world distrusts America.