Friday, 9 April 2010

Up The Bum No Babies

Lets us just reflect on two words 'Family values' what do these words mean? Back in the 30's it would mean how much an Arab was willing to pay for a family but now it means being the Waltons or some shite like that.
Family values is as much of a lie as Family sized, ever get a family sized bargain meal and wonder what fucking family are tiny enough to live off it?

All families have their fuck ups or black sheep. The alcoholic parent or the uncle you don't let the children near or wee Bobby, there is just something not right with that boy.

Politicians use 'Family values' to suggest they are good Christan folk that raise their children firm but fair in a loving environment. Just because you are Christan doesn't mean yer good and a high powered political job doesn't seem like it would go too well with raising a family otherwise disgraced politicians wouldn't use leaving to spend time with their family as an excuse.

Politicians lie for a living go on ask one I bet they lie.

The above picture shows you political family values, on the surface God fearing people who stand about and hug alot but really its strong minded control freaks out to fool you to get votes. Did it work? did you vote McCain and Palin? slap yerself you fucking mong.
Old Knudsen hoped McCain was a man of honour but it turned out not to be so and Old Bitter Balls backed Obama as he was the not so bad choice.

If you've followed my blog over the years you'll notice the pattern of me blogging and the world doing . America would be far less Communist if it wasn't for Old Knudsen but Palin being a Dan Quayle type would have been great blog fodder. A lazy negro isn't as funny as a fucktard whitey.

Sarah Palin is anti-abortion so what? She does love the cock though. At the age of 44 she had a baby named Trig named after a person I believe and not Trigonometry or Roy Rodger's horse Trigger.
Even though she is anti-abortion she had him tested and was told he would have Doon syndrome.
Maybe sorta hoping a miscarriage would happen naturally she got on a plane while 8 months pregnant and feeling contractions and flew to Dallas to give a speech.

Yeah a terrible thing to suggest but I'm not seeing family values here, the speech was very important to her and to quote, "I was not going to miss that speech."

Bristol Palin Sarah's cock craving daughter got up the duff aged 17 the young man Levi Johnston said he'd do the right thing which Mrs Palin and Mr McCain decided would be a shotgun wedding.
Not very shocking in the real world since it happens all the time and Levi was no doubt promised big things when they won so the young couple played happy families.

When the then still unwed 18 year old Bristol was going into labour Levi's own mother was facing six felony counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance the poor lad .

Of course Obama won and Levi was let off the hook, he didn't wanna finish school never mind get stuck with that crowd. Stick yer dick in a lass and feel her tits what could possibly go wrong and who thinks that far ahead anyway?

Bristol wants young people to learn from her penis addiction and has commercials on how hard it is to be a single parent even with rich parents.

She never uses the word mistake and doesn't regret being a mom at 18 but also says, " that if girls knew how tough it was to be a mom, they'd think twice about having sex." So its worth it then if you like children?

Teenagers are a very empathic, introspective lot Old Knudsen has found and so seeing this stupid tart who doesn't have to worry about her rent preach fear to them about how hard her life is will probably work as so many will be able to relate to her .......... not!

Now Bristol has decided on abstinence until she is married or until a well packed pair of Levis walk past.
Like shutting the barn door after yer eggs are in one basket.

Lets get Charlie Sheen to explain why drugs are bad or what Tiger Woods has learned about marriage.

"After a tough day on the course I like to hire weemen to join me in a drug and drink fuelled orgy in which I push their JCB starter button nipples and growl like a tiger, you should never let yer wife find out as that way leads to DOOM."

Great advice lad.


Heff said...

You mean...ALL THESE YEARS, I could have been doing women up the butt with no risk of pregnancy ?!???


MJ said...

Penis addiction...

I can quit any time.

Reggie said...

That's one thing about the bible thumpers that I just don't understand. They're quick to stick their dicks in a little boys ass; but they won't do it to their girlfriends to keep from getting them knocked up, now that's safe sex.

Rather than abstinence they should teach anal sex....and not anal sex with children.

Reggie said...

.......oh and by the way, American politics are all about voting for the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

There was time when you had a nice little blog with nice little Asian women. "OOHHH whäre haf thae flowwers gonnn ..."

HoodChick said...

What the fuck happended to natural selection. Goddammit.

Fat Sparrow said...

Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me that I didn't need to take birth control while having anal sex?