Saturday, 3 April 2010

A Tender Deep Fried Sign

Of course there is no sign of Old Knudsen's Irish passport its being held up by terrorists no doubt who see me as a threat maybe they are intimidating the workers to strike though its not like the Irish need any excuse not to work, when the ancient Irish went to Scotland and bred with the sheep only then did they get a good work ethic and less beady eyes............. dirty Irish sheep shaggers.

I have been in this cuntry of America for longer than I had planned but since over there in Norn Iron there is snow and power cuts maybe its just as well.

The Gogs love to tease Old Knudsen with signs and omens. White rabbits, roadkill raccoons and now this.
While having a happy meal (don't mock, the fucking dragon lights up its cool) I got a nugget that looks like the Isle of Destiny itself.

The nugget has more nutritional value than the real thing and isn't so greasy.

Old Knudsen only had a three piece Happy meal that day. I got on the Interweb and put the thing up on E-Bay like you do.

It was bought for $25 by someone called Ian Paisley jnr who is buying it for his aging father so he can separate the north and south once and for all before he dies, a lovely gesture Old Knudsen thought.

Old Knudsen is not the only one disillusioned, disappointed and disgusted by what he has experienced with America.

Its you not me, imagine going back to a cuntry thats a war zone for a better life, fuck it must really be bad in Mexico if they see this as a step up.

The sooner I get out the better, I was watching Fox news and they said America was turning into Russia with all this socialised medicine, its true I saw a 'Smoke shop' as they call them and on one of the posters was the word 'Kool' and we all know the Russians use 'K' instead of 'C' Old Knudsen is too old for a Gulag again I won't feel safe until I hear an explosion and an Irish accent saying "Fock me fingers are gone" .



Princess said...

Did you get Fries with that?

Have them ex-seal dolphins finally hit their mark?

tony said...

I Ate A Nugget Shaped Like Norway Once.all Those Bloody Fjords Gave Me The Shits For Days Afterwards.....

Xmichra said...

lol... the nugget thing made me laugh, e-bay selling has got to be the most riddiculous thing ever, and that would likely fit in just fine. That's just sad.

MJ said...

Do you plan to auction off your cap on eBay?

I need to know before Boxer gets wind of it.

Old Knudsen said...

Princess: A good reason to swim in the cold sea I'd say.

Tony: I am picturing the long boats getting pinched off now.

Xmichra: I should have cut it and sold it as countries while it is still two separate ones.

MJ: I would really hate to get into a high figure bidding war, how much do you think we are talking?

Anonymous said...

Ah, Put in, even the creatures of the sea admire this man!

Reggie said...

If it's all the same to you, I'd prefer chicken McNuggets with sweet and sour sauce to Ireland.

Old Knudsen said...

Mago: he may have killers waging a secret war against anyone they like but we all love him especially Hugo Chavez.

Reggie: no way lad its BBQ sass or nothin.