Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Super Meeting

Thank you for making some heh wonderful points Wonder Woman I'm sure that from now on everyone will make sure to tidy up after themselves in the tea room.

Down to more serious matters. Its fast approaching the end of the month which means the rent for the hall of justice is due again and with the ever increasing electric bill and water rates we are forced to make some cut backs in many departments, fear not! the gym will remain open and our health supplements/boosters will be available .

Hal the super computer can only be used after 5pm when the electricity rates are lower and I'm not looking at anyone in-particular 'Aquaman' but no more Farmville or Mafia Wars as we've had too many false reports of lost animals and crime sprees.

Sadly we also have to let go many of the sidekicks but they will have the option to stay on as super interns until a law is passed to make us pay them minimum wage. Check out the hero board on your way out for your name.
Before anyone makes any snide comments Robin can stay with Batman on an unpaid basis since they have a civil union together there will be no favoritism for senior league members.

Thank you for all for turning up today especially those who had the day off and remember to log in all your hero jobs if you want reimbursed for food and travel now lets hit the gym!


Heff said...

Superman is flying around one day and he's feeling kinda horny. So he finds Batman sitting on top of a building and drops down to ask him where the best place to get laid is. Batman proceeds to tell him that Wonder Woman is a great lay. Superman then tells him that he couldn't do that to her because they have been friends for too long and he flies away. Superman then sees Spider-man swinging around and flies next to him while he's swinging and asks him who the best piece of ass is. Spider-man tells him that he hears Wonder Woman is good and tells him to look her up. Disgruntled Superman takes to the air and flies about. He then notices Wonder Woman lying in a field naked and spread Eagle. He thinks, "I'm faster than a speeding bullet, I can be in and out of that so fast she'll never know what hit her."

So, he flies down does his business and in 4 seconds he's back in the air flying away.

Wonder Woman looks up at Invisible man and says "What was that?"

Invisible Man (who was screwing her at the time): "I don't know but it just TORE MY ASS UP !"

northern musings said...

cute. Destroy all my super heroes why don't you!

Princess said...

Dear Mr Knudsen,

I have been searching for ways that I might cut back on expences in these diffucult financial times.

Thankyou for these suggestions.

I'm sure that the Boy Wonder will also appreciate your kindness and generosity of spirit...

Fat Sparrow said...

Right, no more slash fic for you and Heff.

Old Knudsen said...

To quote Lethal weapon, "There are no more heroes son" then to prove his point that cunt Mel Gibson shows up.

Reggie said...

We can't all be heroes, because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.