Saturday, 10 April 2010

Polish President In Plane Crash

Oh c'mon Russia doesn't give a shit anymore enough to be subtle about who it kills and you know why? because when you put two of the world's most powerful men Vlad the sexual impaler Putin and Simon is he ghey or just English Cowell in charge of one of the most powerful fuck the consequences cuntries you'll get ego trips. No one tells Russia what to do.

The Polish president Mr Lech Kaczynski was due to visit Smolensk to mark the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre when his plane crashed.

To jog yer memory that was when Stalin was more on the side of the Nazis and agreed with Hitler in 1939 to invade Poland from the east while the Germans invaded from the west . Soviet troops killed 22,000 Polish soldiers of all ranks and any other influential members of society they could find and threw them into mass graves with bodies 12 deep.
Kill the talent and the leaders so the people will be broken while the Nazis killed and raped as a matter of military policy on the other side.

The Soviets denied the whole thing until 1990 when Gorbachev fessed up and classified papers were released. A wee blight for the Russians who had censored the whole episode from their history.

Russian media reported that 87 people were killed in the crash, it is not yet known if anyone survived. The Polish Foreign Ministry said the president and his wife were aboard the plane.

Putin was at the forest apologising for the whole event of 1940 in order to look good. Who will say boo even if he looked bad? Arms agreement, apologising for something you didn't actually do yep the Russians are golden.

"Call that a murder? OJ did a better job at looking Innocent, what do you say Paula?"

If Mr Kaczynski is alive which I doubt as the KGB er sorry I mean the FSK are pretty good at their jobs he'll be in a guglag to be swiftly released due to pressure put on the Russians by this blog.
Yes Old Knudsen may smell of piss but the world leaders listen - ish.............. Nah hes a gonerski.



Alan said...

Kill Kaczynski? I doubt it. I gives more publicity with the plane crash. But!
We all know the Russians are doing their utmost to bring Stalin - as a war hero - into their history books (publically anyway). The politicians will say “it’s the people who want it” and you can believe it for there seems to be a general consensus favor of the revival. But shouldn’t the government show some kind of opposition; after all he did commit genocide.

mago said...

Crap. It was the last surviving 8.8 granddad forgot ...

Reggie said...

So you smell a coverup do you?!?

Anonymous said...

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tony said...

I just read yer post.Yea, I suspect Yelsin's at work.But ,you know,Its the same old story, The West doesn't want to upset The Russians.I,m surprised The Poles themselves havent raised that many doubts.A mixture of Shock & Fear? Over the coming weeks i guess we will hear more..........Shock will turn to Anger.