Monday, 19 April 2010

Lost .......... In Belfast

Previously on Lost:

Stranded in Belfast because all airline flights are cancelled around Europe because of the evil Icelanders and their volcano .

You see Charlie we are all in comas on an alien spaceship and this reality is playing out on the ship's computer, the smoke monster was the sun reflecting off the volcanic ash from Iceland and only my body died because I am now a cyborg .

You like to blow shit up? well the volcano blew its ash money shot all over you. Look how hot I am baby, check out my new adult profile on Facebook, friend me good and hard go on poke me.

But what about the polar bear and why is Hurley still so fat?

Don't fuck with me you little obbit its destiny, fate or some such shite.

I knew you didn't know ya baldy cunt.

Dude I'm just big boned and I don't like sports unless there is fried chicken involved.

I don't see nae fuckin ash!

Ben and the others are out there causing the ash with their outside smoking.

No its not about the ash, the city wants something from us and won't let us go until we vote for the DUP. Just vote DUP for unity we'll get rid of the others and live in peace.

I spent my whole life trying to get approval from my father and doubting I could be the best I could be ................ held back by my own fear but now that I'm trapped in Belfast damn do I feel soooo superior.
Hey why is everyone so white and puffy? wanna touch my abs?



Tuesday Kid said...

Is that the cresent you're at? Do you think Evangeline Lily is one of those pretty girls who could kick a guy's fuck in.

Fat Sparrow said...

I'm still wondering about the sharks with Dharma signs on their tails.

I see that you didn't mention Michael or Sun, apparently they didn't survive Belfast?

Reggie said...

Screw the ash!!! Volcanos have been blowing since long before blondes were here to blow!!!

What I'd really like to know is how come the fat guy keeps getting fatter on a deserted island?!? That really doesn't make any sense unless he's eating the other people on the island.

Northern musings said...

oh crap, the weather forecast is for a change in direction for the wind - not good for me or my fellow icelanders... but Tuesday is looking good for you other people that choose not to live on the rock that lives... and breaths.. and smokes too God damn much...

Apologies to all affected by the fart.. from the rock....can´t link the photo so will send it to you personally

MJ said...

It’s invaded Canada.

Old Knudsen said...

Tuesday Kid: Crescent? what am I a crusty looking for my head to get beat in when the pub gets let out? what a dive..... I would let her beat me up and batter my sausage.

Sparrow: Sun would be ok in the restaurants but Michael, ach lucky hes dead in the series.... ish.

Reggie: Hurley may be into long pig I bet half of those graves are empty.

Muse: Is it 2012 yet? how are the livestock? Iceland is now on the map, 2 out of 10 Yanks have heard of it. I always wanted to visit but now I'm no too sure you'll be glad to hear.

MJ: You sound pleased to be in the news on this, is Canada really that boring?

Word Verification: dumpro, why yes I am.

Anonymous said...

Actually this is one of those posts I absolutely do not understand.

Old Knudsen said...

You need to watch Lost, oh and there is this volcano thingy plus elections going on.

Anonymous said...

"Lost" - a place during WWI and/or a fighting gas. I have no tv and no facebook.