Sunday, 11 April 2010

Different Rules For Different Fools

I was putting the world to rights with William Holden and Mao Tse-Tung last night and into the wee hours over a case of Bud Light and several bottles of Rumplemintz. Angelina had left early because Brad was minding the kids which meant he was probably drunk or stoned on the couch.

The Chairman was getting angry because every time I'd doon a Bud light beer I'd yell, "to infinity and beyond" and since I didn't know how to say fuck off in cufflink I just kept doing it.

Old Knudsen came to the conclusion that he really really hates liars. Who hasn't been burned by people lying to yer face? I don't mean the exaggerating some or you 'yes I know who you are' do on yer blogs cos yer not fooling anyone I mean harmful fuck you lies which seem to go along with hypocrites that think they are better than you and so it doesn't matter if they lie to you.

Certain religions as they proselytise or fend of accusations are allowed to lie to people outside of their faith cos 'YOU' are going to burn and aren't in the right 'we are going to Heaven' club.

This brings me to Republican State Senator of Callyifornia's 18 district Roy Ashburn. Seen swerving in and out of traffic in the wee hours driving his state-issued vehicle on a suspended drivers license he was picked up and found to be over the blood alcohol limit.

Recently a police chief named Russell Leach was drinking at a topless bar on Super Bowl Sunday before he crashed his city-owned Chrysler and drove three miles on the rims.
He was pulled over by his own police officers just before 3 a.m. after he struck a light pole and a fire hydrant. The peelers did not perform a field sobriety test and recommended no further action.

Hey the Chief has been busting my balls all day for results in the BTL murder case. Oh and lets help him bury a body in case charges don't stick with the drunk driving.

Leech didn't know his tires were gone or that he had crashed a few times, the sparks of driving on his rims or the impacts had no impact on him.
He went on medical leave and said he was disoriented from his prescription medication. His wife wasn't at the titty bar but I'm sure she understood or she'd have more of the domestic violence he wasn't charged with in 2005.

If is wasn't for DUI's (Driving under the influence) we'd never find out what arseholes whose in power really are, we can speculate but until then we don't know.

Leech who has to do abuse programs, home detention and pay fines didn't even have to attend his hearing. Being a police chief he has spoken out about drunk driving so the hypocrisy is ripe though no real punishment ........

Back to Ashburn. Due to rumours of having been in a ghey bar on the night of his arrest and having a young male friend in his car Ole Roy finally came out and told everyone he was a ghey boy-toy.

No way dude yer a divorced father-of-four who has voted against ghey issues like anti-discrimination laws. How can you have four kids and have been married ? Oh I see hes a Roman Catholic he probably thinks well once you divorce anything after that is wee buns and doesn't count.

William Holden was fine about the drinking but got tight lipped about the gheyness, Chairman Mao was writing things doon in his little red book about ripping out all the other crops and planting nothing but corn for fuel.

Old Knudsen doesn't care if you are a flaming homo who likes a drink but if yer a leader in the community wise the fuck up and stop thinking yer personal life is separate because when it suits you the wife and 4 kids are no doubt paraded for the cameras 'a la' Palin.
Cars kill more people than guns every year and if Old Knudsen went out drunk with a weapon he didn't have a license for he'd get shot by the peelers. Fucking double standards.

Stop fucking lying and accepting back handers and lead by example ya cunts!

I had to put this picture up as every post should contain a hot woman. I'd really like to take a dump on Lucy Loo's tits a hot lunch I believe the kids call it but think its sad how socially unacceptable it is but driving drunk in yer state owner car is bad but not too bad but thats repressed America for ya. Hot lunches for all.



Anonymous said...

I thought in America you only can become a police chief when you are able to down a dozend of their so-called-beer and drive home via hookers alley. Anyway, I see that you finally found the right pictures again.
Keep up the good work, hang on in, and support your local police.

Reggie said...

It's always important when striking a woman to tell her to shut the fuck adds a flair of the dramatic!!!

MJ said...

That room is screaming for some artwork over the bed.

Fat Sparrow said...

I was going to ask MJ what artwork she'd recommend, but then I caught myself on.

:::leaves offering for MJ, backs away slowly:::