Sunday, 6 December 2009

Only Darts And Snooker Should Have Fat Athletes And Fans

Old Knudsen is greatly annoyed and therefore or 'donc' as the silly French say feels the need to vent.
The only sport Old Knudsen participates in or follows is the sport ..... nay the art of Hobo hunting. Man is the ultimate prey as weemen are just way too rough.

Old Knudsen stays in shape for his age, not necessarily a good shape but its a shape. He hates fat funts who haven't played sport since their P.E. (physical education) at school wearing sports shirts and yelling at the players to "C'mon you gunners" or complaining about some move or decision.
You over weight beer bellied pie eating fudge rocket, you get out of breath walking up the stairs or taking a dump so don't swill yer beer and eat buffalo wings getting excited at 'The match' on the telly. Yeah yeah its a macho working class thing to do but unless you've ever gutted a hobo with a broken bottle after a 20 minute brawl Old Knudsen doesn't want to know.

Crazy Dave was the finest we ever had. His head is on the wall at the club hoose on the 'wall of honour' why do they always believe we'll pay them and let them go if they make it across the bridge?

You sad sad people, as the old saying goes “Those who can't do, preach.” or something like that, "c'mon you lazy bastard you could have made that shot, oye pass me a beer....... lite beer I'm watching me weight."


Four Dinners said...

I admit to being fat and a football fan.

I ain't that fat though. Besides I support Oldham Athletic and I'd need to be a lot fatter than him to fit that on me gut.

I only have two chins - although a third is definitely trying to pop through.

English, fat and proud.

Well...of the English bit anyroad....

The Hangar Queen said...

Do you remember the televised darts matches from the early 80s? Great stuff altogther. Lashing back pints between turns (onscreen too) and at least one fag in the gob at all times.

You couldn't see the board for all the smoke.

Brilliant stuff.

Anonymous said...

"Beer formed this body"

Northern musings said...

Did your team lose to the gunners?