Sunday, 27 December 2009

A Basterd Of A Movie Review

Old Knudsen does not like to be reminded about the war, whether it be the Crimean War, World War one or its far better squeal World War two. The death the pain the food its like living in America but only better and war makes more sense than that cuntry.

I watched the film Inglorious Basterds last night and it was like a re-telling of my life but my life was civilised and Ulster/Scottish of course.
In 1944 Old Knudsen had the summer job of leading a team of serial killers around Europe torturing and killing all in the name of freedom.

Its funny how my life would go in that direction again under the Bush administration. Blah blah blah waterboarding is bad, blah blah blah Knudsen scares me, blah blah blah lets fire him.
Thank you Mr Obama as you have found out that when Old Knudsen goes so does yer popularity.

Tarantino laid it on thick at times in his film and had his own odd choice of music as usual . I just know that American Idol loving cont wanks to his own movies.

The basterds themselves had fun in the role and Mr Pitt's accent was brilliant and when he spoke Italian with his Tennessee accent it reminded Old Knudsen of himself speaking French with his Ulster/Scots accent. I know the words but I'm no sounding ghey when I say them. There was not enough Brad Pitt for Old Knudsen and my man-crush was not satisfied.

The people who played the French and Germans did excellent jobs in their roles,
Christoph Waltz who won best actor at Cannes deserved the award for being the Jew hunter. Mélanie Laurent as the cinema owner, Perrier LaPadite as the French farmer at the beginning and having only seen Diane Kruger in Troy I was pleasantly surprised to see what a good actress she has turned into.

Tarantino aside Old Knudsen loved the stuff most folks don't even notice but it was fiction as we all know Old Knudsen was the one to have killed Hitler in 1954 and the Americans take the credit for winning WWII even though they were late when most of the work had been done Old Knudsen won that war and would be off winning in the middle east if it wasn't for his back.

I'm sure the movie is well loved in Israel as its Jews avenging against the Nazis but it is a little ironic that the Israelis have become quite like the Nazis themselves, thats a whole other war crime and organ harvesting story though and who cares about the Palestinians? Why do they never give up? who do they think they are Scottish?


TROLL Y2K said...

Was that you tackled who the muzzie who tried to blow up the plane in Detroit?

Anonymous said...

Never give up.

Reggie said...

Now you've peaked my interest, I'll have to check this one out.

MJ said...

Why can't you review a nice light romantic comedy for a change?

Fat Sparrow said...

"I know the words but I'm no sounding ghey when I say them"

G'wan, say "croissant."

MJ, any movie with Brad Pitt in it is a nice light romantic comedy for him.