Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Another Cunt Bites The Dust

I had to cum out of being too busy to blog to gloat. Ted Kennedy hero of the battle of Chappaquiddick died of a brain tumor aged 77. Ironic considering the size of the average Kennedy head.

I hope this cunt fades within a week unlike that shite hawk Michael Jackson, now its murder with the pedo prince of poop I fear dead celebs create more media attention than when they were alive.
Anne Nicole Smith and Heath Ledger may have also been murdered yes a serial killer stars to take drugs to kill them cos that is the only way they would take them right?

Lets open up the 1977 Elvis case.


MJ said...

Thank fuck there's good news for a change.

Fat Sparrow said...

I second that.

Donn said...

You can't say sh*t like that aboot a Kannadee! Now fer sure Ratzenheimer will be sending a mortificating albino from Opee's Day to accelerate y'er descent into prugatory!.

Nice knowin' ya :)

Boxer said...

I knew you'd be happy.