Sunday, 26 July 2009

Yo Queero Taco Bell Endo

Old Knudsen heard that the mascot for Taco Bell a Chihuahua named Gigdet had died after a 15 year battle with life.

Now I suppose this is an American thing even though the dog spoke Mexican which shows you anyone can speak that language which is probably why the Diegos have a hard time with speaking English.

Old Knudsen wanting to embrace other cultures went to Taco Bell for some authentic Mexican food even though the hot sass gives him the shits but a good blow out is needed from time to time and I think my pie retention needs a bit of purging.

Old Knudsen was disgusted by the contents of the big bell end box meal, look at it for fucks sake. Are they skimping on the portions or what?

Many fast food places are skimping on their skimpy meals now and they make you ask for sasses instead of having them out.
Old Knudsen was sure that for years the Cadbury Creme Eggs had gotten smaller. Maybe it was how they made them in America or he was just insane and Snickers was never called Marathon in the UK nor was Starburst ever Opal fruits.

Its a recession it seems and even the Big Mac is now a not such a Big Mac. The recession hasn't touched McDonald's so what the fuck?

Old Knudsen has always been disgusted at the amount of air in a big of crisps (chips you idiot yanks) how about food that not just makes you a fat fuck but also fills you up? is that too much to ask for?

Oh and poor wee Gidget I bet it ate better than me ........................... the tables are turned now!


Anonymous said...

A dog? So it's dog food?

WV: exhum (!)

MJ said...

I think my pie retention needs a bit of purging.

I've been offering you enemas all week but fine. Do it YOUR way.

MJ said...

Ooops. Forget to click on the follow-up box so I can howl with laughter at everyone else's comments while I'm hard at work.

Isn't Boxer taking a stand on this?

Old Knudsen said...

mago some dogs eat and taste better than people.

MJ keep yer enemas close but not that close.

Mj no one good comments on me I've a cunt er cult following.