Thursday, 2 July 2009

Two Thousand Years Plus

In two thousand years after many violent wars and natural disasters people will read stories about a man who could walk backwards as if he was walking on water. The children loved him and he lived in a magical kingdom where he made their dreams cum true.

He had children himself by making them appear and to promote racial harmony he changed his skin colour but he was persecuted by the religious group the paparazzi .

His death mask will be the topic of many a holo-view show. How did they make it? What is it made off? A theory that the great intellect of the time Donald Trump made the mask as a prank.

The truth is that its his real face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't see that cumming as Michael once said to one of his followers as they watched Mickey Mouse club hoose while knocking back the be-jesus juice.

"I'm Mickey, you're Goofy, no I'm fucking Goofy you can be Pluto as thats not a real planet and this isn't really harming children ................ woohoo jambon."

Jacksons dream will cum true, "What a friend we have in Michael, just don't be alone with him".

One of Jackson's followers will betray him by writing a tell all book to further his lack of career. From then on traitorous people will be called a Feldman and a breed of goat shall be named after him for the goat with its devil horns are the sign for Satan the great adversary otherwise known as.

Perez Hilton the queen of lies.

Tis a bleak future but Jackson shall return to defeat the anti-Jackson which shall be the third world adopted spawn of Hilton's blog which will still be out there.


Momentary Madness said...

Sad bleak world my friend.

Anonymous said...

This is not you, the old knud that I knew from years ago. Someone else speaks.

Anonymous said...

Will there too be a "Thausand year's Rike"?