Friday, 31 July 2009

Seal Hunting Is Cool

Its the last day of the month so I invite you my *friends* to join me in a Seal hunt. Many think it isn't cool or trendy and is cruel but they said the same about fox hunting and that was excellent fun. They don't feel pain the way we do.

Yes Mago she won't be calling your tight Teutonic arse German any time soon.

Jamie Foxx spoiled our sport by ending it all rather than letting us get him at the MJ tribute just so sad. What is it with MJ and her poofs?

Who will join me next month when I hunt Dog the bounty hunter? for an ironic twist he will die by the red wrapped dark chocolate bar for being a racist cunt with dead ends and high heels.

*I could betray or kill any of you at ant time*

1 comment:

Teller of Truth said...

Your life is full of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, deception, malicious behavior and gossip. You’re a backstabber, a hater of God, insolent and boastful. Your only creative activity is trying to find new ways to sin.

You refuse wise counsel and you’re heartless and forgiving. And because you encourage others to engage in abominable acts, the Lord will not show you forgiveness. His loving heart turns away from you.