Saturday, 25 July 2009

Sanity Is Crazy

Old Knudsen's government ordered psychiatrist says that Old Knudsen suffers from delusions of grandeur and mild depression.

Who the fuck is he to say what is wrong with the greatest blogger/lover and alpine gardener in the world?
When the Mothership cums for me to save the universe he'll eat his hat except he is without a hat and thus weak!

He is the one depressed as he is about to lose his job due to state cut backs now he'll have to get a real job.
Ach wouldn't it be great if people paid me to tell them what their problem was? "Yer a cunt now take these pills and pay yer bill on the way out."

The new meds Old Knudsen is on seem to be working and maybe they will work even better when I take them like there is anything wrong with Old Knudsen.

A new segment for my blog, targeting people in the street with a high powered rifle without them knowing and pulling the trigger with the safety on.

This week it was yer Ma............................. I've already had her but I could of had her again Ka-Chow!


ellie said...

You can't shoot people with a sense of humour, read that t-shirt!

Fat Sparrow said...

The shirt probably says something like "Corn Star," referring to how many cobs she was able to put up her hoo-haw in that competition at the Iowa State Fair.

Or worse, "Korn Star," and we all know Korn sucks.

Or perhaps "Morn Star," and as a Native American, I can tell you that Custer was a prick.

Or maybe even "Torn Star" or "Worn Star," referring to her hole after Old K. was done with her.

So as you can see she was really asking for it.

expat@large said...

Don't matter what it says, she's on the street so she deserves it! *KerLICK*

Hello, is that the Anarchy Organization? Can I speak to whoever is in charge... (Oops already a joke in the first sentence, shoulda stopped there!)

Old Knudsen said...

Yer Ma's porn name is lorn Star.

Leah said...

I like that game. It would work on the subway too.

MJ said...

I'm here to administer your Thorazine enema.

Anonymous said...

Go and read Bukowsky.