Saturday, 18 July 2009

MSL Eddie Has Returned

Ok some days you might get the odd surprise, like letters from lawyers about child support and various other restraining orders when we all know the bitch wants it.

But that back stabbing hoor is not why I'm posting. This post is an apology to EDDIE

Eddie Waring was a blogger of little talent from the early 20th century. Old Knudsen tried to take him under his wing but Old Knudsen got the feeling Eddie was a demon spy for Satan and his blog posts had a clever code that only demons could read.

The reason Old Knudsen wants to apologise is for the way he tried to kill Eddie with the seven daggers of Alvoron and setting him on fire and leaving him in the trenches for dead all the while blaming the Hun, yes Attila took the fall for that one and I'm glad he got shanked in the prison showers before he learned who set him up.

So since Old Knudsen is big enough to say sorry that he didn't kill him properly we'll just see if Eddie is big enough to accept it or if he is a stray dog raping cunt for Satan.

Or was it Stan? does that ring a bell with anyone? Who was it that tempted Jesus with the apple?

So anyway welcum back Eddie for however many days yer back for I always knew you'd be back, fuck fuck fuckity fuck!!!!!!


Eddie Waring said...

You are welcome. I have spent the last several months in a dark, damp hole that I dug with a spork. The days were long and the nights were longer, I passed the time licking my wounds and eating cats. I would have emailed you but I was banned from using the computers in the library. I know we can put the past behind us and move on. Your apology? It was not needed, but I will accept it nonetheless. The dog raping thing was just a vicious rumour. I forgive you for starting it.

Fat Sparrow said...

That "dog raping" comment was obviously projection on Old K's part. He frequently gets canines and felines confused.

MJ said...

Neither you nor Eddie have ever apologized for the rash you gave me.