Monday, 13 July 2009

Look What Old Knudsen Caught In His Net

Here is a hot MILF friend of mine Bethany Sweet she recently got her pictures forcefully taken doon from Facebook by the Facebook Nazis. Her pictures weren't anything offensive mostly underwear showing her hot tight firm um well you get the idea.

Since Fuckfacebook still has my glittered glove fisting pictures up I felt bad and told her I'd link to her as she is always welcum on my face er my blog.

Old Knudsen is in the process of hunting doon and killing the person responsible for reporting her pics as that is the only way to get removed from these things.

Remember this one Bethany? ach we were both nervous that day in front of everyone but there is nothing like a rimjob to make friends, Obama and Mahmoud should give it a go.

I met Bethany years back when she was a young struggling model, I said, "don't struggle so much lass it'll be over in a sec". She fell hard for me as most do and even got a tattoo of me on her shoulder, it didn't end well and now she claims it was a Motley Crue tat which she got removed but who would get one of those?

We have since made up and now she stalks my every move on Facebook and the LOL cheesy burger site.

If you read her blog because you'll find she has Brains and beauty as she has a similar point of view to Old Knudsen who also has brains and beauty.

Bethany has said she can't wait for our next game of Grab-ass, nor can I my sweetness though *my bruises* haven't completely gone from the last time.

She likes weemen as much as you do and is linked on me sidebar just give her a good clicking.

*Old Knudsen wishes to remind weemen he is not just a piece of hot man meat to be tenderised and marinated please show some restraint ........................ nay too much though*


MJ said...

You need to blend your foundation more thoroughly into your face so it will match the skin tone on your body.

A good cosmetician can set you straight.

Leah said...

I just wanted to say a propos of nothing at all that you are looking extremely attractive in your "My Links" billboard.


OK you are my comedy hero