Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Keel The Poor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In yet another example of how America hates its people the Callyfornia state government has decided to issue IOU's instead of Welfare as it can't figure out how to balance the budget.

Real agenda is to do away with Welfare as a final solution as Hitler would say. Just ignore it and put them into camps and the problem will go away.

The lazy cunts on Welfare could gets jobs of course as there are a ton of them going I hear, a lot of state jobs just went.

The IOU's will be widely accepted no where and I'm not sure how you put an IOU into a direct deposit accunt.

Old Knudsen could shave off enough money in state spending without having to do this and wonders why they can't, oh thats right they don't want too.

Obama, listen up its supposed to be the united states though I've never seen any proof of this. You must relieve Arnie of his position as you would a crazed military officer. No more touchy feely shit grow some balls.

Arnie refuses to raise taxes which is what the democrats want and so millions of evictions will occur but hey gun sales will go up.

Arnie having his so fuck the rest will appear in a new movie (as he has time for such things) directed and staring Sylvester Stallone with Jason Statham and Jet Li , Its called The Expendables due out in 2010.

Old Knudsen heard it was about a team of old commandos but no its about some old meat heads who can't get jobs and so sign on for Welfare.


Anonymous said...

Schuldscheine? Reminds a little of the "Gold gab ich für Eisen"-promises of the First Worldwar, kind of war-bonds one could use as toilet-paper afterwards. It's in the end nothing else but a banknote, just with the obvious mark of worthlessness ...

Donn said...

Y'er tossin' pearls before swine.
The END is nigh!

I salute your visionary Jedi powers.