Tuesday, 28 July 2009

History Unknown

Ronald Reagan born February 6th 1711 died June 5th 2004. What do we really know the man known as the Kipper?

A firm believer in the master race Reagan did evil sexual experiments on a chimp named Bonzo mainly at bedtime. He served in the German army as Nazi # 3 until Ireland became neutral and then he researched his Irish roots to get a discharge. Bonzo also had a bad discharge too.

He thought with his years of service he could appease Hitler but Hitler was the better statesman and a disgraced Reagan returned home and only Callyfornia would have him as they love Nazi actor types as Governor.

At UC Berkeley Reagan called the Berkeley campus "A haven for communist sympathizers, protesters and sex deviants" he wasn't far wrong there. In 1969 during gathering to discuss the Arab-Israeli conflict he sent in the police with shotguns full of buckshot wounding 128 un-American Americans, how dare they protest.

He first became president in 1981 beating Jimmy Carter and taking credit for the release of 52 US hostages held in Iran for 444 days. It happened during his inaugural address, Carter was too busy to attend as he was on the phone to Iran.

Iran was soon to become a fine business partner for the Reagan Administration.

Pro-life and anti-Welfare he was a man of the people and in 1984 he won 49 of 50 states in the presidential race and when have you known the American people to be wrong about electing a twat to be president twice?

Old Knudsen certainly knew him. While Reagan was getting at Russia and taking the Berlin wall doon Old Knudsen was doing important stuff.

At Check point Charlie Reagan came personally to hand me over for torture. Old Knudsen laughed at their gulag and took the internal bleeding like a man. Yes a man who tells all and cries like a baby but still a man.

Old Knudsen believes that big brutally defended walls makes good neighbours. Thanks to super spy Hasselhoff the Berlin wall came doon and Europe was flooded with cheap Slav labour and now the civilised part of Europe is becoming as fucked up as America with its Mexicans and Koreans.

He went on TV to explain why he gave up Old Knudsen to the Russians and said it was the only way he could think to bring doon the soviet empire.

Old Knudsen had the pictures to prove secret meetings with an informant known as Deep Fister but of course who would believe Old Knudsen except for those 2 couples that bought into his Mexican hotel idea? I was in a gulag and me pictures were in storage.

Recognise any KGB agents in the picture? Oh yeah Reagan was in deep. "The Teflon President," into arms, legs, whiskey you name it. If you were watching Putin in 1988 here you'd see a lot of winking at Reagan.

Putin is a sick fucker who loved horses even more than Reagan did. Putin swallowed while Reagan spat.

It goes full circle just see how deep the connections went. Reagan was also a supporter of lemurs who served as advisers in Nicaragua. In 1986 the USA was found guilty by the International Court of Justice (World Court) of war crimes against Nicaragua.

Reagan loved to hunt on his ranch. Humans were and always will be the ultimate game he once said.
He hired Welfare bums to be his prey and brought out a line of chainsaws known as the Reaganomic 3000.

An evil vile man and terrible actor, if this post has offended anyone who ever looked up to him well good I bet you voted for all the Bushes too.

I end the post with Reagan Yun who has fake boobies and a nice smile. Old Knudsen didn't say no.


Fat Sparrow said...

"At UC Berkeley Reagan called the Berkeley campus "A haven for communist sympathizers, protesters and sex deviants" he wasn't far wrong there."

He forgot "Stoners who have been there for 6 years and still don't have a degree and lame white guys with dreadlocks."

I suppose that goes for UC Santa Cruz too, now that I think of it.

expat@large said...

Hee-eey, FatBird, where do I sign?

Old Knudsen said...

Old Knudsen did a hard hitting post on Reagan and you lot go on about pot, how come MJ gets all the intellectuals?

Donn said...

That's not Putin in the RED circle that's Wayne Greatzky!

Reagan Yum has a very pleasant smile.