Monday, 27 July 2009


Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Massachusetts was asked for his identity when police responded to a call of two black men trying to break into a well to do hoose.

Gates had just been to the gym and was all pumped up from bench pressing his 300 LBS or whatever had forgotten his keys so he decided to force his way in.

Shout yer highly educated mouth and think.

Sgt. James Crowley from the Cambridge police who was an expert in "Racial Profiling" repeatedly asked for his identity but Gates yelled things like "Why, because I'm a black man in America?"and flew off the handle at the poor peelers who were doing their job and was thus arrested.

Obama was asked about the incident after a lengthy speech on health care said he didn't have the facts but said that the Cambridge police "acted stupidly."

Gate's daughter Elizabeth is doing the TV rounds and suggested that Crowley should get 'sensitivity training.'

Old Knudsen asks, "What is it with these uppity Negroes?" should the policeman had said, "Look sir I'm sorry for the whole slavery issue and no doubt my people hundreds of years ago did wrong to which I should be sorry for now and you are now doubt still upset about people you have heard about on slave ships etc but I got this phone call about a crime and I'd like to clear it up by finding out you are who you say you are by observing yer identity on a card like yer driver's License or some thing and again sir please forgive me being white and doing my job?"

Maybe the police were thinking about something else like 'does this guy have a weapon?' and 'where is his friend?' as there was two black men reported to them.

You go into a potentially dangerous situation you aren't thinking about the needs of the suspects yer going to be defensive and cautious and remain professional as they did.

There is a record of the tongue bashing over heard on the police radio and it was uncalled for as Gates hounded the officers and would not stop his ranting. Old Knudsen suggests that though Gates is highly educated like any wild creature who lived in the jungle he is not fully domesticated, maybe in a few more centuries 'those people' and I don't mean the war starting Jews for once can live in a civilised way.

Old Knudsen is not racist as you all know, Gates is a twat because he played the race card for no reason except humiliation for being a key forgetting mong and set back race relations 10 years. Obama with his flippant remark put it back 15 years.

This is a silly story, should only black officers respond to calls of blacks committing crimes like weemen getting patted doon by weemen? Well maybe if the blacks weren't busy stealing TV's and smoking crack they'd join the police and you could do that.

Do as the peeler says and don't get all up in his grill. Crowley is considering a lawsuit for defamation of character and I don't blame him. He can't be the Director of the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research and I bet his career comes to an end now as he has become a hot potato.

Do a search of gate's hoose and maybe a blood test, the man is hiding something. Obama needs to think or at least give his writers time to think before he speaks even if it is about one of his mates.

In the newspapers here when they report a crime they say something like, "A male in his mid twenties committed the rape, be on the look out." Kinda vague Old Knudsen would like to know a bit more before he gets raped . In Amber alerts when a child is taken they tell you on those signs on the motorways what colour and make of car the abducted child is in, will car manufacturers object and the info will be 'Look for a child in a car'?

What a silly situation, if Arabs are blowing up buildings you don't keep an eye on the Chinese, if the majority of crime is carried out by people of colour (because us poor whites are a minority) then harass the gold toothed playa with the bottle of malt liquor standing on the corner.

Rodney King was held up as a symbol of black America when he was beaten for resisting arrest and he was a career petty criminal on crack.

Has Gates not learned anything? All the educated Americans from Africa will be rioting by forwarding outraged e-mails about whitey and chaos will ensue.

Old Knudsen has never suffered racism until he came to America it was all sectarian in his world. Here in Southern Callyfornia its the diegos speaking their lingo and serving their own people in the shops first or blacks looking at him because he is white and obviously rich so lets rob him.

Judge a person to be a cunt when they act cuntish not because they are a nigger, wop , Jew or white.

Old Knudsen actually thought Jews were white and Spaniards and eyeties not so but then again European has always been a bit ethnic to the Brits.

You can take the black man out of the jungle but you can't take the stick out of his arse when you educate him in African American Research.

Old Knudsen has spoken!


dai said...

"Judge a person to be a cunt when they act cuntish not because they are a nigger, wop , Jew or white."

I love this bit. But why is Jew capitalized?

Old Knudsen said...

Jews have all the capital and besides I love to single them out.

Manuel said...

you've tidied up....still looks like a shitey blue nosed hole.......heh.....

Old Knudsen said...

but its all me baby, I don't need no back up.

Leah said...

I love when you single me out. It makes me feel so sexy.

Leah said...

p.s. it's a great post.

MJ said...

Look! The Filthy Irish have shown up!

Hello Manuel!

Old Knudsen said...

leah I'd racially profile you and make you spread em against the wall.......... to arrest of course.

MJ He lives in belfast he is an Irish groupie.

Donn said...

Why didn't the Cops taser his ass and start waterboarding before they asked Gates if he lived there?

This is what happens when Big City Cops get all of that fluffy feelgood sensitivity training.

You are right. All of that fancy schmancy edumacation didn't add a lick of common sense to that feller. Now he has to hire OJ's Dream Team and get litigiously medieval on their ass!

Awesome post..
maybe next time you could mention a few other role models like Milli Vanilli and Michael Vicks.