Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Switching Teams

David Ogden Stiers who has always played the evil cunt type has decided at the age of 66 to do a Kelly McGillis and cum out of the closet.
For fuck sake Old Knudsen is sick of people grabbing the limelight by saying they are ghey so Old Knudsen has a confession to make.

Old Knudsen likes it up the shitter, even the space shitter. Oh yeah Old Knudsen is a total poo pirate, a shirt lifter, an up-hill gardener, a battyboy, knob gobbler , pooh stabber,Nancy-boy,
Nathan Lane, roid ranger, friend of Dorothy, glory-hole Gladys, fudge Packer I'm light in the loafers, a graduate of the Ass Masters School of Backseat Driving, a purveyor of musical theater, rectal wrangler, ass bandit, fart suppressor, hemorrhoid hitman, Vegemite driller and homosexual.

Old Knudsen hopes he can still remain a hero of millions of young boys as liking yer turds pushed is nothing to be ashamed of. A million Catholic priests can't be wrong.

Allllllll of those weemen and babies was just me lost and trying to convince myself otherwise.

I love this sort of thing ................ really.

Not to mention special moments like this.

Yes I totally like this, I think.

Naked weemen do nothing for me and I faked it for years.

I do not ........... do not............. ok I changed my mind however in this time of recession I may be ghey for pay and remember prison ghey and long sea voyage ghey doesn't count.

Men may have more options and are more user friendly.

But weemen are nicer to look at lick at and make a better cup of tea . Old Knudsen has shunned the media attention and now loves weemen again.

Though some weemen do make it a little hard not to turn ghey.

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Heff said...

David Ogden QUEERS ? Ok, I'm not really shocked by that.

Leah said...

You made me laugh right in the middle of trying (and I say trying) to pay my bills. That is no small feat my man.

MJ said...

Leah: Small feet?

Old Knudsen has BIG FEET if you catch my drift.

MJ said...

So you're really ghey?

That makes me love you even more.

Let's have a sleepover and share makeup tips and style each others' hair.

tony said...

I,m Right Behind You On This One!

TachaƩ said...

awww I like Susan!!

give her a bit of wax and some hair products and she'd be just fine. Im sure she makes good tea.

Moot Rooter said...

Der Hoff is da bomb!