Tuesday, 19 May 2009

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Dog Spells Out His Feelings

Jack the Six-month old yellow labrador had just returned home from a castration operation. He was still sleepy from the anesthetic and traumatised by the de-balling he was put into the kitchen to recover overnight.

Trying to end it all he decided to over dose on some alphabet fridge magnets.

He was taken to an animal hospital in Plymouth, Devon, by his owner the next morning, where he was immediately operated on.

Emma Keers his owner and obvious hater of all things male says she will not buy any more magnets and has banished Jack to sleep away from the fridge.

She went on to say "He can be quite greedy though."

In a telephone session with dog whisperer Cesar Millan, Jack the puppy went on about how pushed around and testicleless he felt and about his increasing dependence on cat poo he finds buried in the garden.

The controlling Ms Keers probably has some operation booked to put him in his place.

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dai said...

That was feckin' brilliant OK.

Anonymous said...

Dog Whisperer?

You make this shit up, don't you?

Leah said...

@mago--there is a dog whisperer, but he's not funny like this.

My new favorite post.

MJ said...

Roosters of the world salute me for I am the cock whisperer.

Boxer said...

would you say something to my chihuahuas?

TROLL Y2K said...

Fucking boring drivel. You should quit blogging.

Old Knudsen said...

dai a week without me and you're gagging for it.

magoHow dare you say I make stuff up.

leah you tell him.

MJ Is it blogjinx that my chinese sign is the Rooster?

boxer I'd keep her away from anything you hold dear... just sayin.

Troll KY? still better than anything you've done to date and yes I probably should.