Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Get The Black And Deck Her

Doctor Is A Real Handyman

Rob Carson an Australian country doctor saved the life of a 12 year-old boy by using a power drill to bore into his skull. Young Nicholas Rossi suffered bleeding to the brain after a fall from his bike due to a few too many tinnys.

Retailing for $210.00 the DeWalt 18-Volt variable speed cordless drill or now known as the Miracle drill is set at a new low price of $199.00 . 1/2 inch chuck capacity, 1 hour charger and weights in at light 4.8 LBS you might not die without having one but will yer child?

When the doctor asks you for a power tool to use on yer child are you going to be the one to say, "Sorry the loud noises of power tool scare me" or " I don't use them for fear of breaking a nail?"

Grow a set of DeWalts or yer family might die!

The local hospital did not have the necessary surgical equipment so Dr Rob Carson thought it would be fun to use a drill from the maintenance room to bore into the boy's skull and relieve the pressure on his brain.

He was given advice on the phone by leading Melbourne neurosurgeon David Wallace and from This Old Hoose, handyman Norm Abram.

Michael Rossi says his son would have died if Dr Carson had not acted quickly.

"He came out and he saw us and he said he's only got one shot at it, and one shot only," he said.

"[He said] 'I'm going to drill into Nick's head and try and relieve the pressure then I'm going use a fast setting wood filler and then a fine grade of sandpaper'."

"And he said if we can relieve the pressure he's going to reach Melbourne via air ambulance in a lot better shape than if we don't try something.

"Dr Carson told me all he can remember saying is, 'Get the Black and Decker'."

Luckily they had a DeWalt 18-Volt variable speed cordless drill instead or this would not have turned out to be such a happy story.

Nicholas Rossi has made a full recovery after the procedure and celebrated his 13th birthday yesterday. In another week he'll be ready for his first coat of exterior varnish.

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When buying a DeWalt 18-Volt variable speed cordless drill mention this post.


expat@large said...

And he plated over the hole with some corrugated iron and stitched it in with some baling wire! Good onya cobber, she'll be right! Take two Fosters and never call me again, eh?

This is fair-dinkum legendary stuff Knudsen, you should be proud to know Aussies like me and Doctor DeWalt.


In a completely unrelated story, an aboriginal woman at the same hospital was admitted with injuries to her eye after being "decked" by a hospital orderly. The orderly claims he was acting under orders of an as yet unspecified TV Hoose show host who initials are NA (not available) and who is sitting over THERE! The aboriginal girl, named "Creamy", after a series Japanese movies she once stared in as a child, ran out of ideas about now.

MJ said...

Old Knudsen makes me call his penis the "Miracle Drill".

Boxer said...

I now plan to give myself microdermabrasion with my belt sander. I'll let you know how it works out.

Heff said...

I swear by DeWalt products. I swear in front of 'em, and behind 'em, too.

Donn Coppens said...

I don't know about your neighbourhood but here in mine, drilling y'er neighbour is rampant and widely accepted as a an essential element in the formation of a strong sense of community.

Love Thy Neighbour.