Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Czech Write Off Obama

The Czech prime minister has condemned US President Barack Obama's economic recovery plans as "a way to hell". His name is Mirek Topolanek which is fucking funny if you ask me, he is the current and probably the last holder of the EU presidency.

First off, is the Czech Republic a real cuntry? second off, have they still got issues about being given to the Nazis during WWII or what? and third off who gives a fuck what a load of badly dressed slavs say? like there are well dressed ones.

Its not like Czech land can throw in 500 billion dollars or 400 billion Euros into the economy, if they could they would write a czech that would bounce, hahahahaha! yes I only mentioned this to put in that joke.

Its a great depression and time to stop humouring all the wee shity cuntries that suckle at the teat of the more wealthier ones UK, France and Germany.

Have you seen what is going on in France? workers who are going to get laid off hold their bosses as hostage. At an American 3M company and Sony France, get out of that smelly place and leave it to the Germans.

Here in the United States of Confusion they have decided to finally tackle the drug wars on the US/Mexican border .................... why? Does the sale of Mexican drugs in the US and the sale of American weapons in Mexico not count as free trade and a stimulation to the economy? C'mon people drugs being smuggled in the heads of Elmo dolls and ornamental donkeys (Yes genuine drug mules) is great blog fodder.

Besides I'd rather be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan than the Mexican border, its dangerous doon there you know.

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Anonymous said...

Topolanek is history, the parliament denied him further following. He and Vaclav Klaus are just plain stupid assholes. Klaus more or less called the EU a Nazi organisation. Thankfully enough talks with the Serbs and other so called nations are delayed.

MJ said...

The lovely Donn is going to Mexico.

You must accompany him as his bodyguard.

Manuel said...

ach you missed a fun day in town yesterday......norn iron fans getting seven shades of blue knocked out of them by large polish chaps called was tres amusent....ach not really but still....

Boxer said...

I just think he wants us to invade his country.

TachaƩ said...

ah! know your history old man ... czechs are slavs yes, but more of german/austrian influence.

slovakians are "more" slavic. . .

and you are looking at a well dressed slav.

also I had a 12th grade teacher who told me slavic people were stupid, uneducated, poor and dirty.

then I poked her eyes out.