Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Last Will And Testicle

Why has Old Knudsen vanished from the face of the Earth? What has he been up to? Has his rash cleared up yet? What the fuck happened to Game of thrones in the last season?

All very valid questions. Old Knudsen had to go dark as his enemies descended on him all at once. Jesus didn't even have this level of persecution. Of course Old Knudsen prevailed but it was at a great cost. His sanity was almost taken away but with high doses of vitamin C and masturbation therapy Old Knudsen got better.

You may have seen Old Knudsen on the telly giving out Corvus-19 advice. Tae quote, "get personnel protection equipment like a half brick or a big stick, when getting lap dances cover yer war cry face. Don't lick strangers, only people you know. Many of you will lose loved ones but that isn't Old Knudsen's problem, cough near me and I'll deck ya cos I'm old and all."  

No idea why they stopped calling on me for advice, ach it's all politics. Just wash yer hands every week, stay at home , only going out for essentials like smokes, drink, hookers, crack and lotto tickets.

Being a former medical expert impersonator I came out of retirement to help test people for the Wu Tang Clan virus. They soon caught onto me though. I must say, the NHS has really stepped up security, Old Knudsen couldn't get near the meds. Ach it's a different less trusting werld now.

It's not all been doom and gloom. Old Knudsen's life isn't defined by a virus.

Old Knudsen ended his relationship with the beautiful Brenda from Florida which was a very good call. Especially for you ladies out there. How was Old Knudsen to know she was a fuckin nutter? ... yeah Florida should have been a red flag but when yer in love you go where yer ragin hard on takes you.

Brenda didn't believe what Old Knudsen told her and lead a cyborg assassin with an Austrian accent back to me. It nearly got me but with some quick thinking and a lot of Old Knudsen luck I banished the robot and Brenda to 2029  .... Ka-Chow! Don't fuck with a brabbler! I'll just have to be careful in 9 years in case Brenda has a grudge or something, you know what some folk are like.

I have begun dating again but long distance. Patricia a former Nigerian princess has captured Old Knudsen's heart. Once I pay off the ransom her evil uncle has set we'll be together. Brenda made me cautious to love again but this time Old Knudsen feels it's the real thing this time.

To live longer, Old Knudsen has quit the ciggies. Vaping is far more healthier. Plus nae yin can complain about a cloud of sweet strawberry being blown into their face. In order to not look like a fuckin pussy while I vape Old Knudsen has taken to dressing like Dr Who.

Old Knudsen will leave his blog online so the peeple can read as his 4,000 odd posts, like snap shots in time. Feel free to re-visit my stories which are funny as fuck, if you don't think so then you are wrong and deserved a harsh mocking and possible execution.

Look at all the predictions Old Knudsen got right. A couple of years ago Old Knudsen predicted Kirk Douglas dying. Where is he now? .... yep Old Knudsen called it. There is still a war to take place this year too, see former posts. I'm like Nostrildamus but hawt! 

I won't be reviving the lost art of blogging, take my gifts and be grateful we had this time in the sun. The werld is still under Old Knudsen's protection but he won't be bragging about it cos he's a fuckin hero.

All me enemies have been vanquished, time to make some new ones. Things to do, places to be, peeple to kill making it look accidental of course. You know the score. 

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Haters Gonna Hate

Old Knudsen isn't saying that British people have been genetically altered for centuries to be whiny begrudgers that hate those who don't know their place ... It doesn't need to be said it's FACT!

I was surprised to read that people had a problem with Meghan Markle who is now the Duchess of Gingernut. It can't be that she's a divorced, mixed race American can it? Why didn't Harry marry a safe bland white English bint that looks the part like William did?

Old Knudsen thinks Meghan is the best thing to happen to those inbreed German toffs. The EDL and yer usual Brexit voter might disagree ... oh that's right, Brexit isn't about race, it's about the English being superior over those fuckin foreigner types. Plot twist: The Empire is dead and we can't even afford planes for our warships because the Tories only spend money to stay in power.

Besides being too attractive to be a Royal, she pissed off a nation by daring to close a car door by herself.

Yes, the nation that cheered when the Queen mum chugged from a pint glass in several pubs like a common pleb had outrage that Meghan closed a car door. OMG she really is a common Yank, this just won't do.

I bet she even wipes her own arse .... not fuckin cool. People need those jobs!

Then there was the outrage at her holding her unborn baby. HOW DARE SHE!!!! Who the fuck does that?

Yeah Meghan we get it, you're pregnant.

If you do an image search for 'pregnant woman' you'll get a load of pictures like this.

Quit acting pregnant and put yer hands in yer pocket for fucks sake ... image what the cuntry would say if she did that.

The US is into things like cradling your baby, loads of celebs have done it over the years. Perhaps it's just a painful reminder that the UK is kinda backwards and emotionally stunted. Except for Old Knudsen who is enlighten as fuck.

Meghan also gets roasted because she doesn't want toxic family members in her life ... fuckin weird am I right?

She has boundaries as in what is workable and what is just not acceptable. Her Da giving interviews and talking shit is a no no. The people that have issues with boundaries are usually the abuser.  Going on national TV and saying how Meghan has ghosted him isn't cool and isn't normal. He needs to take the hint and fuck off.

But, but he's her father! ... biological father, a real father/parent doesn't get get on like that. Using the 'he's your father' line is the guilt trip used by twats that think they know better. You have him over for dinner then.

Loving family and friends respect boundaries, they don't get angry and full of butthurt on TV because they don't get their way.

Then there are the rumors that Meghan and Harry have fallen out with William and Kate. In all my years I've never seen a family that didn't have the odd spat. If you can't cut toxic people (including biological family) from your life then you have to find a way to cope such as living in a nice fancy cottage away from them as they have done. 

A father that just wants to capitalize on your marriage is easy to get rid of. William and Kate are people she has just met on the family time scale. They might not like the competition for being the nation's Royal couple who knows?  They might very well all get along.

Harry turned himself around from being a 30 year-old frat boy and the nation and indeed most of the world likes him even more now. Give Meghan a chance, she hasn't done anything wrong.

If Old Knudsen is not the deity you'll listen to then listen toThor: "Families can be tough. Before my father died, he told me I had a half-sister that he imprisoned in hell. Then she returned home and stabbed me in the eye. So I had to kill her. I feel your pain."

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

We Will Remember Them ... If It's Dry Out

This may be news to Overt Narcissists but it isn't all about them. When commemorating the 100 years since the end of WWI in France, Trump didn't want to go the 50 miles to the Aisne-Marne American cemetery because it was raining .... no, it was because his helicopter couldn't fly in the alleged zero visibility .... no, it was because he didn't want to cause traffic upsets cos Trump is really thoughtful like that. 

It was the day after the Marine Corp had its 243rd  birthday and of course the Internet trolled Trump as did the French army and also Justin Trudeau.
"As we sit here in the rain, thinking how uncomfortable we must be these minutes as our suits get wet and our hair gets wet and our shoes get wet, I think it's all the more fitting that we remember on that day, in Dieppe, the rain wasn't rain, it was bullets."

Trump sent John Kelly and Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr in his place to visit the 2,289 U.S. troops laid to rest there. Trump said, "have a good time, enjoy yourselves and bring me back something nice,"

New Zealand director Peter Jackson took more time honoring those who have served than the US President did. Remember, Trump doesn't like soldiers who get captured so I doubt he holds much regard for those wounded or killed either ... unless the wounded vote for him.  Jackson had family in the Great war for civilisation and colourised old footage and got in forensic lip readers and actors to give the soldiers a voice. 

The documentary They Shall Not Grow Old was shown on the BBC and featured the voices of real veterans who were interviewed in the 1960's. 

What amazes most is the attitude of the young men. Eager to join up and take on the Hun. You can see that sometimes never change. 19 was the age they took recruits at but if a 16 year-old and tried to enlist they'd be told to go outside, have a birthday and come back in aged 19. It's a great adventure until the drill and discipline starts. The news has the new soldiers at putting on a stone and growing an inch in height. All with nice shiny buttons. 

60 years on and though the British army had moved on to semi-auto rifles and sub-machine guns, the discipline, procedures and attitude was still quite familiar. Now the military has little pussy guns made out of plastic so the poor dears don't tire themselves out.    

Another amazing thing is the number of smiles there was. Probably a knee-jerk reaction to the novelty of being on camera. Perhaps the cameraman shouted out to smile for the folks back home. 

It's all a big camping exhibition with a bit of danger. The main thing about the military is the boredom as it's always to hurry up to do nothing. The soldiers of WWI were kept as busy as possible fixing trenches and repairing barbed wire and laying wooden duckboards (trench gratings) to walk on. 

After a while the trenches and war becomes the norm. The Germans had a name for it, Dickfelligkeit (thick-skinnedness) ... no rain fearing snowflake pussies allowed!

Losing friends was just something that happened. You could be with a friend you had grown up with and joined up with and as he stands beside you a sniper might blow his head open.  PTSD has been around (recorded) since the times of the ancient Greeks and was only just given the name of Shell Shock in WWI.  
Until it was understood better, those suffering it to the point of curling up in a ball and crying were seen as cowards or lazy, many were shot. 
General Goerge S Patton who had served in WWI mostly in tanks became the focus of attention in WWII when he slapped 2 soldiers suffering from battle fatigue and ordered them back to the front lines, Eisenhower suppressed the incidents in the media and eventually Patton was ordered to apologize to the soldiers and the Doctors who witnessed it. 

In the army you don't want your friends to think you are a coward so there is also the fear of being afraid. 

A German soldier bumps into a wounded Tommy and gets an angry shove in the shoulder. 

WWI was basically a big Royal family feud but you dress it up in patriotism and send plebs to their deaths. The British and Germans didn't hate each other as seen with The Christmas Truce of 1914. British and Germans left their trenches to play football on no man's land. 

The Generals were enraged as that kind of thing isn't good for war and so forbid any further displays of humanity. In Jackson's documentary, the veterans say how the Bavarians were decent blokes as were the Saxons but the Pussians were cruel bastards even disliked by their own side. 

Adolf Hitler, a WWI vet had hoped that the British would join up with the Germans in WWII as they had so much in common .... or why the Royal family changed their name to Windsor. 

WWI was a senseless waste of life and changed those that returned home. Britain not having been touched by war had a struggling economy as like most of Europe and jobs were scarce. The soldiers felt as those they no longer fit in as civilians just didn't understand what had gone on over there. 

A land fit of heroes was a glib phrase used by people and another was  They died that England might live. Older versions of saying Thank you for your service but less personal.  

The soldiers just wanted a job and some respect for their efforts but didn't get much from the clueless civilians or those in charge. Soldiers would get 3 basic medals which caused some resentment.  A paper pusher in a comfortable role away from enemy lines got the same medals as a frontline soldier dodging bullets and many never had their heroic actions acknowledged. 

In WWII the different theatres of war got their own medals such as Africa, Italy and Burma. 

If you can watch the documentary then do so. It tells you the small details of the time. The jingoistic version of war on horseback wrapped in a flag changed as wars got closer to home and was better and more widely documented. 

Killing another human is not natural for most of us so these young men many volunteered and many drafted had to become something they weren't and that the people back home would never have to be or to even see.

Robbing corpses, shooting surrendering soldiers, ignoring your wounded pals as you head towards a hail of bullets over no man's land. Revenge for their fallen friends and the nationalist propaganda helped them to want to kill the enemy. For king and country!  

They didn't have the luxury of worrying about getting their hair wet in the rain or congesting traffic.  


Saturday, 27 October 2018

Make America Blow Up Again

So the plot was that bombs were sent to Obama, the Clintons, CNN, George Soros, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, John Brennan, Robert De Niro, Joe Biden, Cory Booker, James Clapper, Kamala Harris, Tom Steyer ... all rudimentary but potentially fatal.

Of course, Trump suggests it was a Democrat hoax. Some random person on Twitter told Old Knudsen he should be ashamed of blaming the GOP ... as usual they got it all wrong. Old Knudsen blamed the right wing nutjobs not the GOP ... those that have embraced the Nazis and Nationalist ideals duh! 

Don't compare Trump to Hitler or you'll get blown up motherfucker!

If you send viable bombs to people that have spoken out against Trump then common sense doesn't say conspiracy but rather the hate-filled semi-retarded people that voted for Trump ... duh! 

Trump has called the media the enemy of the people at least 18 times ... but it's the media's fault for having bombs sent to them. Abuser deflecting and blame shifting 101.   

She deserved to be raped etc ... 

Belittle it as bomb stuff and suggest the Democrats have been sending bombs to themselves. You see how crazy that seems right? I'm hoping you do or else perhaps you should be on meds. 

Cesar Sayoc, now known as the MAGA bomber had these pictures to black out his free hugs van. Sayoc who is Filipino and Italian but claims to be Native American because he ain't all there is a 56 year-old that lives with his mom. So a typical impotent raged Trump supporter.

He has a vehicle parts shop in the city of Plantation which is, of course, is in Florida ... land of the high and home of the cray.

Old Knudsen wouldn't be surprised if he was a virgin too. 

Fox news will no doubt try to dismiss this story but as with most criminals and Trump supporters Sayoc is as thick as fuck and left DNA and fingerprints all over the devices. Don't lick the stamps dude, have you never watched CIS? 

His package address typos match his Twitter typos. What a loser. 

No matter what Trump says he is totally wrong and is trying to gaslight you. His supporters have issues and have anger and can be violent.  They cry victim when the left fights back because they are at their core fuckin pussys.  They are enabled by Trump and think they can grope women on planes because Trump has said it is ok to do so. 

This is not the behaviour or attitude of a real man, they respect women and defend the vulnerable. 

Unless you want more cray domestic terrorism then vote Democrat. It's way better than the Neo-Nazi in power now and perhaps the world won't laugh at the US as much ... don't be Putin's cock holster.  

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Saudi Arabia Really Doesn't Care, Do U?

There has been a lot of backlash over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by agents of Saudi Arabia. More backlash than the slaughter going on in Yemen but who cares about that? They don't have a face and aren't US residents.

In the past Khashoggi has covered the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the rise of Osama Bin Laden for various Saudi news outlets. He was close to close to the Saudi royal family and was even an adviser to the government. 

Look at all this money you old fool, you belong to us bitch!

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman came to power and while the west hoped he'd be a moderate modern ruler, Khashoggi knew better. Salman did a purge of all independently minded influential people he saw as a threat, Khashoggi thought he'd be one of them.

Khashoggi fled to the US and became a US resident in just the past year and wrote for the Washington Post. He compared Salman to Putin. How ironic as Putin has killed many journalists in his 2 decades of power.   

Khashoggi was traveling and working giving talks and Interviews. He had just been Interviewed in London by the BBC days before traveling to Istanbul.

He went into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 28th September for papers to certify he was divorced from his wife as he had planned to marry his Turkish fiancee Hatice Cengiz. The consulate greeted him warmly and were very obliging saying to return on 2nd October. He wasn't concerned as it was on Turkish soil.

He went in leaving his fiancee to wait outside. She had been given a number for an adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan should he not return.

While Khashoggi was cautious but not concerned he didn't know he was walking into a trap. In the wee hours of that morning a private plane flew to Turkey from the Kingdom carrying several Saudi goons, mostly intelligence agents.

The agents checked into a hotel and an hour before Khashoggi was to arrive they went to the Consulate to get set up.

Turkey isn't a big friend to Saudi as Turkey have been cosying up to Russia and so they will be paying attention to who comes and goes.

What happened exactly when Khashoggi entered the Consulate is unclear. According to Turkey they have an audio recording of an altercation including threats to the Ambassador who was worried about getting into trouble to talk of dismembering Kashoggi and how it would be a good idea to play loud music while doing it.

Turkey says Khashoggi was tortured and killed. Considering it was a team of 15 that took Khashoggi down and resulted in his death then Old Knudsen can safety say it was a hit rather than an abduction.

The whole event lasted for two hours before the men left the Consulate. A second plane from the Kingdom arrived in Turkey and by 9 pm that night both private planes had left and Khashoggi was no where to be seen.

For over 4 hours Ms Cengiz waited outside the Consulate for Mr Khashoggi to come out.

Don't worry, the US won't stand for shit like this, especially not against journalists and brown ones at that. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says he hasn't heard any tapes and doesn't know shit except for what Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's cock tastes like.

Trump says there will be serious action but then goes on to say what a great ally Saudi Arabia are and how much money they have promised him. If you remember that just after that deal they had Trump condemning Qatar for being terrorists.
That turned out to be untrue and was Saudi trying to impose pressure on Qatar by turning the world against them. They played Trump so easily as he was desperate for a win.

Then there is the other fact that the west ignores that 15 of the 19 terrorists that carried out 9/11 were citizens of Saudi Arabia.

As like Israel, Saudi Arabia are our allies and usually our proxy bad guys in the Middle East. We aren't going to do anything to them because we sell them shit and buy their oil. They'll do things that we won't dare to do and are solidly against Iran so turn a blind eye.

18 Saudi nationals have been arrested so far and some high up intelligence officials have been dismissed. Just some busy work to look like there is outrage to appease the West. King Salman has spoken to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan by phone and Turkish investigators have been allowed into the Consulate. 

Just bullshit. Some heads will roll and a few replaceable people will get blamed. King Salman will say what an outrage even though it was him that no doubt gave the order. 

Hatice Cengiz has lost her love and the world has lost a voice that opposes the bad guy. Old Knudsen doesn't want you to worry though, we'll still bomb the fuck out of civilians in Yemen, sell Saudi the bombs to do so and they'll continue to do important things like flog the jailed blogger Raif Badawi. 

Friday, 14 September 2018

Murder Most Foul

Russia and Putin in general has to be the best gaslighter ever. Troops in Ukraine? They are just tourists that happen to be serving Russian military personnel. Cyber attacks on Estonia, the US and other countries ...some patriotic hacker in their mom's basement, nothing to do with us. Sonic attacks on US embassies??? .... where do you get this crap from and we also never kill journalists either.  

Journalists that just happened to violently die under Putin. 

Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov are not Russian agents sent to kill Sergei and Yulia Skripal with the toxin Novichok. They work in the sports industry. Look at them, do they look like trained killers? ... I think not. 

They arrived in London on 2nd March and on the 3rd they traveled by train to the town of Salisbury. 


Totally normal tourist behavior because lets face it there is fuck all to see and do in London St Paul's cathedral, Buckingham Palace, the London eye, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Madame Tussauds, The Victoria and Albert Museum, Tower of London, The National Gallery, The British Museum, Soho, Trafalgar Square, two Tate galleries,Churchill's war rooms, Hyde Park,Covent Garden, Hampton Court, Royal Botanic Gardens, The Harry Potter Experience and certainly no cathedrals or old clocks.

It was in no way a reconnaissance run. The fact that a former Russian spy lived there was a complete coincidence.   

This is what a real spy looks like. Anna Chapman was one of 10 spies arrested in New York in 2010. She has branded Sergei Skripal a traitor and I believe her, cos she's hot. 

The two innocent Russian spies tourists said there was too much snow and slush in Salsbury on the 3rd to see the world famous tall cathedral spire and old working clock and you know how delicate Russians are.  Russians are not used to snow and cold conditions so they hurriedly returned to London. 

On the 4th they returned to Salsbury when the snow had cleared to smear toxin concealed in a fake perfume bottle on the door handle of Skripal's house see the cathedral good and proper and then flew back to Moscow that night. 

A police officer investigating the poisoning became ill and Dawn Sturgess died and her partner Charlie Rowley fell critically ill after he found the perfume in a charity bin. 

Yep, totally normal tourists. Just because Putin poisoned a former Russian agent before in London and other top level Russians in England have mysteriously died over the years doesn't mean it was him. It could have been anyone .... I bet it was Iran.

Murder she badly wrote

Then there was not a real writer self published romance novelist Nancy Crampton Brophy from Oregon who allegedly shot dead her husband. I'm no detective but if someone writes a story called 'How to kill your husband' then I'd sure look into that.   

It's like they aren't even trying these days for fucks sake. 

Daniel Brophy and his big cock which was foul fowl

Chef  Danny B as I imagine him being called was shot in the kitchen ... ouch! Poor innocent Nancy has already said how she doesn't want to go to prison so therefore didn't kill him because orange is not her colour. She looks awesome in blue and pink don't ya think? 

She also doesn't like divorce as she is a traditional kinda gal and doesn't want to lose half her stuff and that cock was bought with their JOINT account money and so it's rightfully hers damn it! 

With poison she said it took too long and who has time to hang around some sick person? ... yuck! 

Then with a knife she said it's "really up close and personal" .... and only poofy Europeans use knives. 
A gun requires some skill and is noisy so perhaps a hitman?  Nancy was too stunned by Chef  Danny Bster's (which he may also have been called) sudden death to show any emotion. 

Her writing certainly sets her up as being the perfect patsy. 

So far Putin or the Russian government have said nothing about the case but Old Knudsen would look to Iran for clues and to leave poor Nancy alone. 

Friday, 24 August 2018

Another White House Adviser Resigns

The net of justice closing in on Trump and his dodgy as fuck staffers, the President has lost yet another ally. Top White House adviser and newly appointed head of the Space Force, Lieutenant Colonel Wilson the volleyball has resigned.

The dream team of White House advisers has always been Hannity, Carlson and Wilson but when Wilson got the coveted Space Force job the other two like the little bitches they are pushed/rolled him out claiming he's playing handball with the Democrats.

Wilson was always the brains in the White House and even made Steve Bannon look good .. not physically obviously.

       It's the Jews Steve ... The Jews!

One of Trump's many unfulfilled campaign promises was to stop the spread of  balls that are not white. Is it a coincidence that the unpatriotic NFL kneelers use a ball of color? .... Commie Libtard political correctness gone crazy. 

Wilson will be releasing a book titled Grab them by the balls: A look into a treasonous White House.

There may also be tapes ... more tapes? Geez the only people that seem to have not taped him is the Kremlin, fuckin amateurs eh?  

It isn't known what direct impact the loss of Wilson will be. Experts have said that the White House may begin to act unhinged and unprofessional. They may spout random whacky ideas and support White Supremacists and rival nations in an attempt to distract from their failures.  

Will Trump still take on worthy causes like the poor treatment of white people by evil indigenous people around the world and point out how deadly and dangerous places like the UK is? 

Without Wilson there will certainly be a power struggle to replace him with Kelly and Pence wanting to take his place. One thing is for sure, no one at the White House has Wilson's intellect and charisma.  It's a yuge loss for the US.      

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

This Is Reality

For those more self actualized and more in tune with the universe in general then this post won't be all that surprising. If you are someone bogged down with mundane stuff and get angry every time you see something you don't like or agree with then it'll this post will sound cray cray.

This post isn't about mental health but stuck up Victor Mature types will take it that way ... cos they don't get it.  Not a paranoid Schizophrenic rant about big pharma watching us via the microwave or chemtrails being used to alter our minds. Old Knudsen is in no way a paranoid Schizophrenic and if he was I'm sure one of the voices in his head would tell him .... did you just hear a click?

Buddhists have the whole Yin Yang balance thing and also karma. We are responsible for our own happiness and misery, not some mysterious external force of good and evil. In fact the actual words good and evil being English don't translate properly to how Buddhists think about morality. 

Hinduism also has karma and you can be punished for deeds done in past lives.   Yeah both religions are full of shit in general as like the Christian, Muslim and Judaic ones. 

Old Knudsen does believe in reincarnations (respawned) but rather than be punished by the universe for past lives we get the change in our current one to fix it and not repeat those mistakes. We get to chose what kind of people we want to be. Things from decades ago can still define people if they allow it or they can work at moving on.

If someone makes us angry they have a power over us. If someone treats us poorly and we put up with it then we are allowing them to do it.   Other reasons and factors may help us make the choice as to what to do but there is always a choice ... not always a happy one though.  

Trumptards, Brexitards, Vegans and ridiculously attractive people are the universe's tools to cause chaos or to keep your level of suffering pretty high. The reason will be made clear later. 

Ever think that reality is just so dumb and ridiculous that it can't be happening? I don't just mean in Florida. 

Ever take the left path instead of the right and narrowly avoid disaster?  Pure chance or instinct perhaps. As if someone was whispering into you ear.  

Cause and effect is the true name of karma. The web of possibilities is so vast that we cannot see how some bloke catching an earlier train to work halfway across the world could effect your life in any way. The pattern of events that lead to you could be tiny or even take years. 

That moment when you realise Thanos is the hero of the movie and the ultimate environmentalist 

We live in a digital world and everything in the universe boils down to numbers. Maybe that's why Old Knudsen has a certain level of protection ... he don't do numbers too good. 

If you play a video game on a console you make those characters act out a role and do things. The Sims has you as their god and those ppl can live or die at your whim. If you don't get someone to the toilet they'll piss themselves. 

In the future and at the moment, computer geeks keep creating Artificial Intelligence with the hopeful outcome to create beings that will think and act for themselves. 

Olivia Munn getting pounded for all of those that want sex, not higher thinking. 

Those AI beings created will go off and create beings themselves who will act and think for themselves who in turn will make others. 

If you look at the Earth.  Creatures and plants growing and evolving. Everything changing and happening. To someone not paying attention it can look like chance. There are video games like Evolve or Populous that pretty much do the same thing to how the planet and creatures evolved.
We are like impotent gods who can delete if they get it wrong .... or cause a massive flood only in the Middle East if you go by the religious fairy tales.

I'm bored, time for a war.

We have only started to created these pseudo worlds saved in cyber space or on your Play Station. Going by planets like Mars the whole terraforming thing has come and gone many times over and you get left with the evidence which is there (saved) for possible new adventures in the future.

Thinking about the infinite amount of possible realities it would be fair to suggest that humanity is one such reality. If cannot be ruled out.

Is the world a play thing for some bored alien in its mom's basement? Perhaps it started the game called Earth but a better game came out so like us it has moved onto the latest trend and we act out how we are supposed to in the background unsupervised.

The game rights itself now and then by tweaking with our fates but on the whole our actions determine outcome.   Not every character is on the same level, some are way higher than others which explains the constant bullshit and poor decisions made in the world.


Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Ian Paisley Is A Crook And Should Be Fired

Northern Ireland is a microcosm of the US or what the GOP want to make it. No same sex marriage, no abortion. The only thing missing are guns which only the police and criminals/farmers have. 

The DUP have been getting away with scandal after scandal because they have the votes the Tories need for Brexit and so the Tories dangle money in front of them for their loyalty. Like the GOP they are a load of gog bothering crooked, greedy arseholes that have the 'not too bright' thug and bigoted voter base .... yes Old Knudsen is not a fan of bigots. 

Sinn Fein the other party that rules Northern Ireland are just as useless. They refuse to take their seats in Westminster as that would mean a pledge to the Queen and so let the DUP get away with shit all the while taking the Queen's money.   So in essence they are our version of the Democrats. 

DUP politician Ian Paisley failed to declare two luxury family holidays in 2013 paid for by the Sri Lankan government. He also lobbied the then prime minister on the country's behalf.

Nice work if you can get it. Old Knudsen has a problem with this. He doesn't think that Ian Paisley who died in 2014 should continue to be a politician and they should bury him instead of doing a weekend at Bernies with someone raising his arm to cast votes. 


It turns out that old Ian Paisley had sex at least 5 times (probably fully clothed) as he allegedly has 5 children. Old Knudsen has not seen any DNA testing so cannot confirm this. I doubt that even God is that cruel so look to their gardener. 

Ian Paisley jr went on to be Ian Paisley. The man that said homosexuality was a leading cause for divorce .... that fella. The kind of politician you expect to find in enlightened Ballymena. 

Dodds is saying, "hey Ian that be my biatch, hands off and no tongue this time!"

The younger Ian Paisley sought support from the DUP party leader Arlene Foster who may or may not be female ... Old Knudsen has not seen any evidence either way.  If Foster is reading then vadge shots that show her brutal face too will be considered. 

She said it was up to Parliament's watchdog (in other words the PM) so Paisley took to the floor and asked for forgiveness and apologized for being caught.   

When Old Knudsen worked at the hospital and was selling organs he too asked for forgiveness and said how weak he was .... he just said whatever he could to save his ass. In the real world employers fire crooked employees. 

No one told Old Knudsen you couldn't sell musical instruments at work ... a fuckin set up. 

If it was a Sinn Fein politician that put a loaf on top of his head to make an inappropriate joke on social media everyone would call for his resignation. Barry McElduff did indeed resign over it. 

Being a foreign agent for an oppressive regime only gets you a suspension which hasn't been approved yet as the Tories need his Brexit vote. 

When climate change denier and anti-immigrant DUP politician the gammon faced Sammy Wilson (on the right like the DUP usually are)  was asked if Paisley should be fired he said the BBC had a brass neck to suggest it and mentioned a totally unrated case in which singer and pedo Cliff Richards sued the BBC for £210,000 damages for privacy.

Richards sold his flat and quickly moved to Barbados as any innocent person would do once the story of his London flat being raided hit the news. He's even giving back to the community by building a playground in his back garden. 

Would you believe that Wilson used to be a teacher?  Standards ... not in Northern Ireland! 

Ian Paisley who delights in getting bribes and putting stickers on horses is so apologetic for his actions that he'll fight to keep his job if a by-election is called ... seems really contrite. What other job is he qualified for?  Not that he's qualified for this one as his "facts" often leads to chuckles as they are so dumb. 

Liam Neeson the King of Ballymena has yet to comment.