Wednesday, 20 June 2018

This Is America

Just following orders

Concentration camps during the Boer war, slave ships, Native American reservations, Nazi concentration camps, Japanese interment camps. 

Before your time huh? Well Trump has his liberty camps in your life time RIGHT NOW!  

I've had the conversations about psychological effects on the developing brains of children. As they make new neural pathways they have to have the right stimuli such as not being left to cry and having parents smile at them .... all basic stuff that if isn't done can lead to a complex or depression in later years. 

Circumcision and sexual abuse no doubt causes deep mental scaring too, all those things in early childhood makes a difference. Don't know why you are angry or anxious? It could be from those poorly connected neural pathways. You may not remember but some of you does because damage was done. 

So what kind of damage will this do? It doesn't matter to children if they get 3 hots and a cot with Barney played on a loop. Being torn away from those you love IS traumatic. 

I've heard people blaming the parents for bringing their kids into the US illegally, they deserve it huh. 
It must be nice to have such a safe and privileged life. Imagine doing crap jobs for crap money with no healthcare or chance becoming a citizen but at least your kids would be a little bit safer being a step up from what they left. 

If you blame the parents then just fuck you as you haven't suffered enough in life. I guess you wouldn't do anything for YOUR family. 

   I'll take you to the showers. 

But they are breaking the law and should be punished. Yeah That's what slave owners that had runaway slaves said too. It might be the law but it doesn't mean it's morally right or should be followed. 

Trump and his peeps have come out and said they are doing this as a deterrent. The Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen makes this shit happen and John Kelly is totally in favor of it.

A child taken from her mother while breast feeding, a father killing himself just before Father's Day when his wife and child were taken from him.

The audio tapes of children crying and calling for their parents as the border guards mock them.

*Is this ok to you?*

Americans have always put themselves forward as being the good guys in movies but that is just make believe, this is reality. 

Punishing children is like the bad guy in the movie threatening to kill someone the hero cares for or an innocent in order to get to them. "Your weakness is that you care for these meat sacks"  is something they might say. 

In the end of the movie we are shown that caring and staying together makes us stronger. 

Trump only has nice things to say about dictators, these are his heroes

If you don't care, or still support Trump then you are just an asshole. Pretty simple. You use terms like 'infest' or 'swarm' to dehumanize them to justify abuse. 

The money and resources to punish families who are already at the bottom rung of the ladder could go towards something that encompasses what American values are supposed to be.  School supplies or clean drinking water are just 2 things that spring to mind. 

Pro-life and Christian groups remaining silent. Fox news dickheads making excuses saying that the camps are like summer camps or that it's Hillary's fault or something dumb. Yeah the camps during the Holocaust were fat camps I suppose .... sorry too soon? Get outraged about this you asswipe. 

No one sane, intelligent or with any empathy can not be bothered about this.  I bet the ones that support the idea are the same people that suddenly care about homeless vets when the subject of taking in refugees comes up.      

If you want Liberals to stop comparing Trump and his admin to Nazis then perhaps they should stop getting on like Nazis. 

Boko Harem steals children, ISIS steals children ... isn't this kind of shit why Americans are all armed? There should have been an armed revolt 3 or 4 outrages ago. A nice diversion from the federal investigation though. 

Best to look the other way huh. Hey it's snowing, no may bad it's only ashes.

*This pic is from a protest as the media are not allowed to see the camps that contain toddlers, babies or females ... almost as if they know what they are doing is wrong and want to write the narrative of male criminals or something*  

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