Sunday, 10 June 2018

Like A G7

Being a body language expert I've been asked by so many people to this interpret photo. Angela Merkel the leader of the free world is a strong and confident woman and uses her authority without trying but understands about image and what will go viral thus improving the view the world has of her. 

She understands that she needs to be strong with Donald but yet court the first lady Ivanka. Here she is giving the world what it wants. Only a small majority of morons think Trump is a good leader and ignore all the shit he's pulled and so the world is actually against him and this is what Merkel wants to show.

Trump went into the G7 spouting about trade tariffs and why was Russia not there?  .... oh *Crimea*?  That doesn't count because Obama let him take it and Obama wasn't a real President because he's from Kenya and black weak. 

He finished by talking about no tariffs because the G7 leaders wrote him a harshly worded letter.... with pictures. 

Has anyone tried the shrimp here? ... it's beautiful! Not as good as American shrimp but still good.

Trump forgets that the eyes of the world are on him when people talk to him. He also forgets to take his meds and where he lives and gets his wife and daughter mixed up which is awkward for Jared
but if he wants to keep his top level clearance he had better just sleep on the couch while they get busy.

Trump sits, arms folded trying to keep up with a conversation probably via interpreter and he's just remembered a great Tweet he could do about Hillary .... and it's gone. 'why is this little German boy shouting at me?'    

PM Shinzo Abe of Japan or China or somewhere like that with the slitty eyes is showing support by mimicking Trump's folded arms. Like Trump he doesn't like strong women but it's a cultural cunt thing with him rather than just a misogynistic cunt thing that Trump has.  

Michael Bolton with the mustache looks like he'd rather be singing a ballad than being there getting torn a new one .... in fact she could just be telling them about her perfect Sunday because everything sounds angry in German. 

Bolton doesn't fold his arms as the other two beat him to it but he feels vulnerable so he hides behind a folder covering his soft bits. 

You are the American President, remember? No this is not the White House.  

Merkel has taken the table space but Macron tries to join in with a clenched hand on the table as if to say, "yeah what she said" he likes to appear tough as he's not well liked at home and still has the taste of Trump's cock in his mouth from earlier encounters. 

Theresa May is there as a gesture of politeness but no one has noticed her presence. Once Brexit goes through she may actually just fade from existence. What's the name of that little island between Ireland and France?  .... nope I can't remember.  Used to be Great something if you can believe that.   

Left in the photo is Larry Kudlow the Director of the US National Economic Council who supports Trump's tariffs because he likes having a job. Before this he was doing podcasts about Hillary and the Deep State and doing such a great job Trump hired the Elementary school drop out.  

People at the Summit think his name is Barry, even his name tag says it but he's just glad to be there. 

Then there is this picture where May goes for an authority table grab but no one notices. Justin Trudeau who is half angel and half human enters the frame and the room is filled with joy. The Japs have left so Trump is free to tell his not at all racist jokes:  "How do you blindfold a Japanese person? Put floss over their eyes."  .... everyone laughs cos it's true. 

While the G7 members were trying to appear relevant in Canada by putting Trump in his place yet sucking up to him the real power houses were trying on bling. 

Putin who for some reason is willing to meet with Trump at anytime got a best friend of China necklace.  Trump doesn't have one of those, he'll be raging. 

You have your G7 meetings, we'll just be passive aggressively mocking you.    

*Ukraine isn't in the EU or NATO and so the world's hands were tied over Crimea but Obama did set up an anti-Russian Neo-Nazi political party in Ukraine so he did something*  

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