Thursday, 3 May 2018

This Is A Safe Space

There are buzz words and double speak for everything these days and it seems that it's very easy to offend people or for people to be offended on behalf of someone else.

You'd think that people getting offended left right and center would be Old Knudsen's paradise but it isn't cos it's has gotten totally ridiculous and out of hand. Old Knudsen is offended by stupid people.

Trump thrives on conflict because he doesn't have any of the answers so he makes his underlings stressed out in order to fix things. Kanye West has obvious substance abuse issues and tries to play the role of the out spoken negro but we know he secretly loves kale and himself more than anything .... but that's to mask his insecurities.

Kanye says stupid things like if he had bothered his ass to vote it would have been for Trump and that slavery was a choice because those lazy slaves didn't revolt fast enough against the heavily armed white people.

It's the same as those who said the Jews deserved the Holocaust because they didn't fight back. Well some Jews and some slaves did fight back and it didn't do them much good. The 2nd Amendment was actually created to arm whitey against the slave revolts that scared the fuck out of them.  Imagine white people being treated the same way as they treated the black people.

Then you have the other genocide against the Native Americans, they fought back and on one day Lincoln hanged 38 Sioux, it was going to be over 100 but the logistics and optics dude.

Lincoln, Mandela, Tesla are all almost saints because of convenient memories.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders lies to and berates the media on a regular basis. She gets called a liar on Twitter almost everyday because she lies. She goes on TV and she lies .... or she says I haven't spoken to President Trump about that.   She gets called a liar at the White House Correspondents dinner and people rush to her defense.... why?

Her appearance with the smokey eye? That woman fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. She is ugly inside and out.

Oh you should have let her off by saying she mis-spoke or some other crap. This is the reason Trump doesn't attend those dinners. Sure he'd tackle a gunman while unarmed but people making fun of him and calling him out for what he is way different.

He got roasted on Comedy Central and by Obama, no more for him. He isn't just a minor celeb anymore he's important now. He dishes it out .

Trump hasn't achieved much except help out his family and friends with their taxes but even they are turning on him so he talking about his only real success, the election. The one that he somehow won. Yeah slow hand clap for toxic Hillary.

Is science really fact? It used to be that smoking was good for you and we were preparing for an ice-age.  It's fact but not always right. To state that it's irrefutable fact goes against what science is. New technology shows us that much of what we once believed is incorrect. History too.

Science is taking the data and testing it until the same result keeps coming up. Peer reviewed too.It has to be flexible not rigid and set in stone as new data emerges all the time.

Climate Change is real and no doubt helped along by humans.  if you say well we don't have all the facts then people go into attack mode and say 98% of scientists agree. Yeah and they all probably published papers on it too and have job security.

We don't have all the facts. Like the brain we sorta have a clue but not the whole picture.

There is no evidence that vaccines cause autism, or that a sugar rush even exists or that smearing vicks vapor rub on your feet stops coughing or Jewish slaves built the Pyramids .... but someone said it and others repeated and were gullible to believe it because you don't want to look stupid to the other stupid people do you?   

The same people that firmly believe what scientists tell them also believe there is more than two genders. Chromosomes don't lie. You are one or the other X or Y.  If you identify as something else then good for you but if a big fat fucker identifies themselves as a supermodel they still won't get any cat walk work.

Bruce Jenner identifies as a female yet still keeps his male junk. Lets stop being silly.

Liberals got called Snowflake or Libtard because they wanted fairness and equality. Then it turned out that it was the right wing that was more prone to crying and whining. OMG someone punched a Nazi vicious Liberals, what about the Nazi's right? .... Fuck the Nazis! .... I think we've heard what they have to say. Oh am I being a fascist by denying their right to speak? So the Allied soldiers that fought and died while fighting the Nazis are also fascists? Away an fuck!

Dirty Liberals want to take our guns but we demand the right to shoot children in schools. Then they turn on the school children for not wanting to get shot .... what a bunch of crisis actors paid by the deep state to speak out, just give em bullet proof back packs and arm the teachers. School supplies???? .... yeah plenty of 9 mil that's what school supplies are these days.

Many Trump supporters and Brexit voters are still refusing to admit they fucked up. If in doubt blame the other side for the shit show. Stupid Remoaners how dare they not trust the Tories.

Be it Nazis, shooting sprees or rape cases you'll usually find some white dudes at the center. Is that racist? .... well in the Middle East it's usually some brown dudes... 99% of the time it's always dudes. Time for a cull?

Old Knudsen is well fed up with the constant taking offense and the misery upmanship. This is from all sides and egged on by the media who will fixate on one thing.

People forget and move on too fast.  Obama, not that great but compared to Trump a fucking saint. He got a Nobel Peace Prize weeks into office for just not being G W Bush.  Now they are talking about giving Trump one.  What an insufferable bore he is, don't go making him worse.

Old Knudsen has to have a disclaimer wall on his blog in case anyone takes offense .... like the fucker that got one of his blogs taken down a while back. I have a long memory and a suspect.

If people have a problem like a small penis or too much time on their hands and they see something that they can take offense at .... I'm not saying they are actually offended.  They'll attack it and then support things like Politico pedos, cheating husbands and rape.

Harvey Wankstain is a terrible rapist Liberal ... Trump? well that's just women trying to get famous.

Old Knudsen's love affair with blogs and social media is well jaded, people are idiots. Critical thinking and decency are on the endangered list. Backstabbing and spreading lies seems to be all the rage instead.

Video games doesn't cause violence, it also doesn't cause a huge leap in military recruitment when the new Call of Duty game cums out.

Movies has minor characters killed all the time without a second thought and the audience doesn't care.  The car bomb in Kabul or whatever ... just minor characters right?

People not rooted in reality ... patriots ... nationalists etc, you want to blame someone, start there.

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