Tuesday, 29 May 2018

As Long As They Aren't Missing White Kids

Illegal immigrants have been falling through the cracks for years and ending up at the mercy of people that treat them like a slave work force or traffic them for sex.

This has been going on since the Obama administration, he was nicknamed the Deporter in Chief and had deported a record amount of people during his 8 years.  Even last year in the UK over a hundred illegal immigrant children have gone missing.  The promise of a new life by people paid to smuggle them in only to be turned over to pedos.

First lets get this out of the way again. If you bomb people out of their homes then you should take them in it's your moral duty. The shit-holes countries are often poverty, famine and war ridden without bombs from the west so ask yourself this: 'What would you do for your family?' .... oh you'd die or kill for them. You talk big. How about breaking a few laws so they can live in shitty conditions but those shitty conditions are way better than where you came from?

If you say you wouldn't then you hate your family or are a privileged arsehole whose biggest obstacle in life has been to wait at the checkout for longer than 5 minutes.

Illegal or undocumented immigrants get nothing from the US government however young children will get some benefits and schooling. It's parents risking it all to give their kids a better life.

Plot twist: Obama was a bit of a cunt too, no matter what FB memes say.

Former Marine General John Kelly was the head of Homeland security. As the head of DHS he implemented Trump's massive crack down on immigrants. Immigrants coming in legally and illegally and those already in the US.

Kelly is a Trump 'YES' man and as a Marine not bothered with a thing called compassion if he has orders to follow. He happily rounded up thousands of people and harassed brown  people at airports from suspect countries even if their papers were all in order.

Then he got promoted to White House Chief of Staff because he showed he was the right kind of cunt for the job. Idiot Libtards took his face palms as meaning he was a good man trying to bring sanity to the White House.  They just saw what they wanted to see and ignored what he did at DHS.

Now it seems that 1,500 children placed with other care givers or sponsors, some being family members and others not related have gone missing.

It took US Department of Health and Human Services, Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan a while to think of a good excuse and they said that many of the sponsors just haven't gotten back to them.

HHS doesn't have to check up on the kids nor does it have to know where they are.  What the fuck is this fuckery about?  They are children for fucks sake... hey not our problem dude, we did our job, good enough for government work we say.

Just brown kids and hey their parents broke the law so lets blame them and the sponsors. Home of the brave and land of the free.  Was that ever true? There has always been some insidious agenda behind all the idealistic rhetoric.

This administration doesn't care about collateral damage in war or in immigration that has been shown many times over. What if it was your kids taken away and you not knowing to where?

From what Kelly and Sessions have said it looks like they will make an example of innocent children
in order to deter further illegal border crossings.

The ICE agents are just following orders .... that sounds awfully familiar.  You don't have to be a bigoted Nazi to work here .... but it helps.

Is this who America is now?

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