Thursday, 2 November 2017

Sweet And Sour-render

I've mentioned before about Chinese expansion. It's like that story if you put a frog in boiling water it will leap out but if you slowly heat up the water the frog won't notice and it will stay put.

The west is that frog and China are slowly turning up the temperature. In 2013 they announced the One Belt One Road initiative, this would be roads from China going directly into Central Asia and Europe. It would run through many nations like Mongolia,Myanmar, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Turkey to name a few and there would also be a Maritime silk road linking some of the same nations and going out to east Africa.

80% of China's energy supplies come through the straits of Malacca so controlling them with their string of pearls bases is key. China is investing $62 billion to modernize Pakistan and places like Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka to create deep water ports. Deep water ports means they provide service to ships with further reach than normal smaller ships.

China is investing $11 billion into Russia to help create these roads. Fuck western sanctions huh. China has also bought the majority shares in a Russian oil company for $9 billion last month. With land routes to China their nervousness and need to rely on the straits of Malacca lessens.

Not just a supply route what if China just wanted to roll into western Europe?  Everything now is the eventual build up for that.

China joined Russia's Navy day parades with its own warships off the Port of Kronstadt in St. Petersburg. After having bought 24 Russian Su-35 fighters earlier this year you can see a strong partnership being forged. They are also going to be going to the moon and space together.

You know what's in space? Our communication satellites that's what. China first showed that it could shoot a satellite from the sky 10 years ago.

Britain has always had a pride in its navy wistfully thinking back to when Britannia ruled the waves. Now mainly thanks to austerity the UK couldn't fight a paper bag of shit.

HMS Queen Elizabeth the £3bn pride of the navy ... the one that we can't afford to buy planes for that one. Just don't look at it beside a US ship as those fuckers are well flash and twice as big. 

The Defence Secretary who just resigned for being a sex harasser Sir Michael Fallon said,"Moscow's only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, is old and dilapidated and Russia would be looking at Britain's new vessel with a little bit of envy."

Russian spokesman Igor Konashenkov said, "just a convenient oversized target at sea" and laughed at how Britain was admiring its beauty in safe waters hundreds of miles away from Russia. The Russians are very good at slagging us off. 

General Sir Richard Barrons the former head of the Joint Forces Command said that the UK has not changed to be up to date with modern warfare since the Cold war. 

Cyber attacks could totally cripple the UK armed forces. Ever feel like the wannacry virus attack was a test? Troop recruitment is also down but what can you expect if the Tories want you to join up but instead of a proper job you just used and paid when needed? 

As some people gush over HMS Queen Elizabeth the big threat to our ships come from cheap Russian and Chinese missiles. They can do more damage to our advanced systems but at half the cost. War is also a matter of how much you can afford to fire at the enemy. 

The UK nearly lost the Falklands war due to cost, it boiled down to which side got lucky. North Korea can only afford 3 weeks of war so they had better make them count.   

We (the world) cannot depend on the US to save us. Even if they had the military capability you might get Trump who has loyalty only to himself shrug any attack off as not his problem. He only seems to be interested in protecting the Asian nations with the big trade deals.  

In 2007 a Chinese 160ft Song Class diesel-electric attack submarine popped up in the middle of the US fleet while they were doing exercises, the US navy didn't know they could do that. 
The sub was in firing range of the USS Kitty Hawk - a 1,000ft supercarrier with 4,500 personnel on board. 

In 2015 a Chinese sub stalked the USS Ronald Reagan for half a day when it got too close to Chinese claimed waters. The Chinese are taking over atolls and making landing strips and ports to extend their military reach and don't like the Americans going near them. 

The Americans used to mock noisy Chinese subs but now China is on the verge of being in the lead in a cutting-edge propulsion technology. Quiet or stealth subs. 

China has Asia’s largest submarine base at Yulin with underground facilities to avoid nosy neighbors. 

Not full size

India has said that China are making 6 subs at a time but China laughed and said making 1 -2 at a time is the usual, don't be silly .... so Pakistan is buying 8  new subs from China so yeah, they are totally mass producing weapons at speed. China is thought to have three submarine production lines but soon will be able to make up to 12 subs at a time.

These S20 subs can stay under water for 4 weeks without recharging so expect to not see them everywhere. 

The way the US sent billions of dollars for Pakistan to buy helicopters to fight insurgents with ... well those aging Cobra helicopters are being replaced with Chinese Thunderbolts. Pakistan is also buying Chinese missile systems. 

Turkey, a member of NATO was going to buy missiles from China but pressure from the US stopped that. Now Turkey has signed a deal to buy a Russian surface-to-air missile system.

That would be a massive fuck you to NATO and the US. 

I know people roll their eyes and say how Liberals are blaming everything on imaginary Russians just because they are bad losers. Funny how the nations more obsessed with themselves on social media got Brexit and Trump but other nations like Germany who don't post their every meal was more protected.... that would be ego as our downfall.   

Those people not seeing Russians would also be on the Titanic saying how they can't see any ice bergs as they look towards the stern so you must be stupid or over acting then. 

Those are the people that will drag you down with their self importance and nationalist pride. The US is # 1in freedom an shit, the UK rules the sea and everyone will want to trade with us after Brexit. 

All the while your own government takes away your rights and healthcare in order to get more control while China and Russia know control is an illusion and very easily bought on Facebook. 

I'm sure China and Russia buy and invest in other nations to merely make some cash. Buying communication companies seems perfectly legit and not one of the first things you attack when you strike militarily. I'm sure Russia controlling the majority of uranium production is innocent too and not to make sure they know who has what. 

Russia plays the long game, they have plans rather than just reacting, they play chess. The Chinese could play chess but they prefer Go which is amazingly complex while the west plays Draughts/Checkers, Cluedo, Snakes and Ladders or perhaps even Frustration.    

The pieces and players are being moved into place to be used or not to be used but the plan is there. If you don't see Russia and Chinese expansion while other nations talk about walls to hide behind then you'll go down with the ship and in such surprise too. 

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