Friday, 17 November 2017

Mugabe Lost It

Robert Mugabe used to be a friend to Great Britain, he loved the suits, Cricket and the Royals. Margaret Thatcher was on the list of the few Brits he trusted. They put him into power in 1980 so what is there not to love?

His authoritarian rule, land reforms (taking it from white people) and poor human rights record was an issue for Tony Blair who ceased talks and withdrew British aid for development and imposed sanctions. After that everything was the fault of the British. 9/11, Global warming, hemorrhoids all the fault of the British who were out to get him.

While Obama got his Nobel peace prize on the grounds of not being Bush just weeks into his presidency Mugabe was nominated for it in 1981 for being the first leader of a free Zimbabwe ... a series of massacres that left thousands dead changed the world's mind though.

Yeah about that, nominating a bloke that doesn't mind being compared to Hitler, perhaps not a great idea.

    Bob and Grace Mugabe a lovely couple

Robert Mugabe has had a long history of rigging elections and throwing lavish parties while one in three children have stunted growth due to starvation. 

He's 93 and all the transfusions in the world isn't going to keep him going forever. I believe he knew he was coming to an end. He has been situating his wife into a place in the government but Grace is no Robert Mugabe. While he was a former teacher she buys dodgy diplomas cos she ain't that bright. She is weak and doesn't have what it takes. She's awesome at shopping and spending loads of money though.

Right now Mugabe is under house arrest and so are several others in his circle. 

The reason there has been a coup after all these years is because Vice-President Emmanuel Mnangagwa was fired and Grace Mugabe took his place. 

Over the years 4 vice presidents have died under strange circumstances and one was accused of plotting a coup and fired. 

In August Mnangagwa started vomiting blood and squirting out ass juice, he was air lifted to hospital. Not poisoned ... oh no. The cause was eating stale food.  A friend Jorum Gumbo dismissed the silly stale food idea as he did not see him eating anything as he was on the go and travelling to a rally. 

An old spy trick: It's best to poison someone while they are travelling or to have the poison take effect then so there is less chance of getting proper help. 

The army with the blessing of Mnangagwa's family looked after him and made sure he was treated by a military doctor.  Marry Chiwenga the wife of Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) commander Constantino Chiwenga was a part of his entourage. 

General Chiwenga had just been to China on Sunday and by Tuesday the tanks were rolling in to the capital, Harare. 

Of course this bloodless coup is backed by China. Not because China wants to rule the world well of course they do but if they can avoid doing it militarily they will. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. 

China wants a stable government and Mugabe was losing it and about to put the country into civil unrest. China has upped its investment in Zimbabwe from $1 billion to $4 billion over a 3 year period so it benefits them to have a helpful government that's at peace. 

China's priorities are railways, roads, aviation, ports and electricity. Then universities, modernizing farm equipment. They are investing in the people to train them and to keep them healthy with their Happy Life projects.

For a nation with piss poor human rights they sure do make great overlords. Africa will be a continent that loves China, to Old Knudsen that seems scary. Could this be an end to Zimbabwe/British tension? The BBC aren't even allowed to report there. 

Perhaps a desperate Theresa May will meet the new leader who doesn't have a catchy and easy to say name to talk trade in order to save her Brexit farce. 

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