Monday, 6 November 2017

Lord Of The Flies On Social Media

Conservatives and Liberals ... weird creatures. Are they defined by the label and shape their views to fit? Surely it can't be a one size fits all.

Liberal Whoopi Goldberg mentioned she is a gun owner and doesn't mind background checks etc. She said there can be more to people than just one thing and rightly so. All or nothing with no nuance at all isn't very self aware. 

Yeah fucken hypocrites in both sets. The Bernie supporters that flat out refused to vote Hillary remind me of the British Corbyn supporters that voted for Brexit.

There is always a point, a line that you don't or refuse to cross. A time when you say, "I'm a Christian but what the fuck did Jesus know? I hate those fucken immigrants." Not exactly nuance or character when driven by bigotry.

Senator Warren of the 'Nevertheless, she persisted' fame when she became a hero for the left became their target when she said she believed Clinton rigged the DNC to get the nomination for President.

What does she know, it's not like she was there or anything. They eat their own in a flash! 

Bernie would not have won anyways ... a socialist???? Old Knudsen mentioned how media coverage of Sanders WAS skewed and that others noticed it too. He was laughed at by a few twats for saying this but Old Knudsen won't be silenced by ill-informed mockery. 

On Old Knudsen's news feed all he got was Trump, the other Republican hopefuls and Hillary. I had to go and search for coverage just to hear what Sanders sounded like so yeah, it was rigged. 

Hillary is a lawyer and politician that changes her views with the wind. It wasn't that long ago she defined marriage as being between a man and woman. She also supports fracking and is a chicken hawk ... Old Knudsen doesn't have rose tinted glasses on. I'd still tap her though. 

Liberals can be if you aren't with us you are against us just as much as Trumptards. Comey was denounced by the left then he became a hero for them when fired.  Comey, a lifelong Republican was loyal to the FBI and sort of to the American people in a round about way but it was HIS way. 

Then there was Ivanka. People wanted to believe she was the sane voice that guided her father. Yeah lets ignore she encouraged him to run. Supporting female entrepreneurs even stealing their quotes for her book. Turns out she just gave lip service to EVERYTHING and used/uses Chinese sweat shops for her crappy clothes line. 

Quiet when her Da was persecuting Transgender people even though she did post about Pride day. 

People see what they want to see. 

Former 3 star General soon to become a 4 star ran the department for Homeland security. Trump had told us his plans to deport people and how how he hated Mexican immigrants and refugees ... not just illegal aliens but anyone brown. 

As the head of DHS Kelly broke up families and sent out raids to round up Jews brown people immigrants. He had said how he doesn't want ANY refugees to enter the US and wanted a tough border policy. 

He gets to the White House and people are all like he's an adult keeping Trump in check ... People don't just appear aged 67 and become the hero for sanity. There was a rumor he was hesitant about taking a Trump job but it looks like he got over that. 

Marines are taught they are elite, it's a them and us thing. Chain of comment is vital and they are probably more indoctrinated and expected to think less for themselves than most military. They are a blunt powerful tool of war. 

They are to be respected and feared as much as a grizzly bear on crack is. Some are decent people but the programming is there and depends if they are self aware enough to address it.  Don't believe me then go live near a Marine base. 

Kelly, Mattis .... not Liberal or sane in ANY way. Kelly lied to the people and continues to do so even after being caught out. He also goes on TV to revise history so more lies. 

Mattis is more powerful and doesn't get as used by Trump as much. He does get undermined but they all do. Mattis wants to run his wars how he wants them run. Foreigner civilians .... fuck em if they get in the way of our bombs. 

So many war crimes and so little time. People turned a blind eye with Obama and his drones or SEAL team 6 splitting open heads for fun ... foreigners don't matter to most Americans, they aren't in the Constitution so therefore not as special.

Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, John McCain ... not good guys. They became Liberal darlings by speaking out against Trump, then they passed a bill for him.

McCain is dying and so thinks about his legacy after decades of fucking people over and the other two want to be remembered for speaking out when everything goes to shit and 2020 comes around.

Trump unites people, if he denounced Hitler people would rally around the dead dictator, Liberals would say "was he really that bad?"

  The workers even had healthcare 

We have facts on our side. Many of the things taught to us in school have been updated, it's up to you to educate yourself now.  

Don't see what you want to see, see what is really there. For a politician Warren is better than most as is Sanders. Chuck Schumer is sleekit so don't go trusting him ... just a feeling Old Knudsen has.

No one in the Trump admin can be trusted, no one there is the voice of sanity so don't go looking for one. Any new people will have taken Trump's shilling or sold their soul/dignity to him.

Just don't go turning on people merely because you don't like it when they tell the truth. It's politics for fucks sake, they all lie and compromise themselves in some way.

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