Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Joe Biden For President

One guy one cone

For some reason people keep asking Joe Biden if he's gonna run for president in 2020. As usual the Libtardy left is looking through rose tinted glasses at him like they did when they mistook Hilary for being a woman. 

Like Hillary, Biden has some baggage and if he doesn't the right will soon make some up. In 2020 Biden will actually be 103 which is 2 years older than Reagan when he slayed Carter to take the throne. It will take more than a PSA with Lady Gaga to ignore his past as a sexual predator though. 

Did I tell you I'm psychic? Tonight I'll be thanking you for your service. 

Remember that time when he hit on Roy Moore's date? Like a southern gentleman Moore let Biden cut in, he just watched .... and watched. Terms and conditions applied and parents were asked for permission so it's all ok .

Slitty eyes jokes are not cool Joe! ... who does he think he is Prince Philip? 

Oh you're so tense, let me rub one out. 

Not even his minders could control him. 

This diner had to close early to get all the biker blood washed out of the floors. There is a reason those guys look nervous. 

Don't forget all those times Biden tries to mind meld with people. They had to be killed in case it actually worked and they got some White House secrets. Why Joe why?????? 

Best just to lock down those wandering hands or it won't be Santa coming. 

Biden may also just be fucken crazy. His defense was that she was old and going to die anyways but that isn't the worst thing he's done. 

A mullet! It's more wild than Trump's for fucks sake. We can take you being a serial groper and granny killer but a mullet? 

That is why you shouldn't waste your time with him in 2020. Don't chicken out with an old white dude that touches people up, get a chick. Why is it that women's shoulders (except for tough biker chicks) go up when Biden moves in? Don't ignore this subconscious warning sign. 

The nation needs any old vagina to break that glass ceiling as long as it's a Democrat vagina. Vote vadge in 2020! 

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