Monday, 13 November 2017

I Believe Putin

After 5 deferments and 42 years Donald Trump finally made it to Vietnam. He looked around and saw it wasn't as bad as that drama queen McCain made it out to be. What a snowflake.

It was announced that due to scheduling conflicts he couldn't have a meeting with Vladimir Putin ... so he had to make due with only talking to him three times instead.

Yeah what the fuck does Churchill know? 

Trump shocked the US Intel community by saying how he believed Putin when he keeps telling him how he didn't hack anyone. Is he really taking the word of a former KGB lieutenant colonel over his own people?

It's like he's looking for reasons to over ride anyone's concerns .... well I believe him so we'll work with him on North Korea and Syria.  The Kremlin said the hacking wasn't talked about so someone is telling lies and this time it's such an obvious manipulation that it must be Trump. 

He back tracked and said it doesn't matter what he believes he stands with the CIA etc ... but former Intel operatives like Comey, Clapper and Brennan are political hacks. They are the ones that have been thorns in his flabby side. 

Russia Today or RT the state run propaganda channel has told to register its people as foreign agents. It's almost as if there are others worried that Trump will get too close to Putin so they throw this out and the sanctions that still haven't been imposed to counteract any damaging bonds. 

     If Trump isn't Putin's cock holster then why does he behave like a little bitch around Russians? 

Why do people feel the need to get Putin's approval? He's amazingly savvy for a ruthless dictator but beneath the smirks and bored looks you've got a macho homopobe so it's the asshole sex offender types that want his attention. I doubt Edward Snowden gets on very well with him. 

Obama isn't the type of asshole and so did not butt kiss or taste Putin's cock. Obama had other faults but strangely enough was more America First than Trump is. 

Never forget that Putin can't get over the Soviet Union being dissolved in 1991. Russia lost a lot of territory and power. Putin would like nothing more than to have all those nations return to the fold and really begrudges the help that NATO has been giving them to stay out.

He does like to make friends though

If you think Putin is a poor maligned guy that just wants peace then you are a moron. He runs his nation like a Mafia empire and has been fighting the cold war ever since he came to power. He's been in power as either the President or the Prime Minister since 2000. You don't stay in power for 17 years relying on the will of the people for fucks sake. 

38 prominent Russians have died in unsolved suspicious circumstances since 2014. Ten high-profile critics, seven diplomats, six associates of Kremlin power brokers 13 military or political leaders and two possibly connected to the Trump dossier. 

Gunned down on a Russian street, blown up in an elevator in Ukraine or dead in New York or Washington DC. We're Russian, we drink a lot, fall over and hit our heads ... happens all the time. 

Shot, stabbed or beaten to death. Six were blown up some had natural causes like heart attacks or head injuries, one hanged himself??? in his cell and one died after drinking coffee, six of the dead the cause of death was reported as unknown as if they just couldn't be arsed to make shit up. 36 were men and 2 were women. 

Just in the last 3 years for fucks sake. 

Don't forget Alexander Litvinenko who died from poisoning by radioactive polonium-210 in 2006. 

He was a lieutenant-colonel in the KGB and then the FSB just like Putin and worked under Putin. He fell out with Putin over corruption within the FSB. 

In 1998 he uncovered a plot to assassinate Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky who strangely enough was found dead, hanged at his home in England in 2013. 

Berezovsky's friend billionaire Badri Patarkatsishvili died of a heart attack in his Surrey home in 2008. 

Boris Nemtsov on the left was gunned down in 2105, here with Vladimir Kara-Murza

Vladimir Kara-Murza is a political activist and journalist trying to bring democracy to Russia. He has survived 2 poisoning attempts the last being in February. Both times his organs had shut down and he was in a coma. The second time whoever poisoned him had hoped for the symptoms to happen on his plane flight to the US. He has been a vocal supporter of the Magnitsky act. 

I'm blue da ba dee da ba da

The Russian elections set for 2018 Alexei Navalny is the only one that Putin fears. He's already had an attack with a chemical that damaged his eyes and has had odd embezzlement charges against him with very little proof but a 5 years suspended sentence. This could null his chance of becoming president even if he got the most votes ... well played Putin.  

Putin denies everything and plays the poor persecuted victim of Russian hysteria and a form of McCarthyism. That is what he wants you to believe so that people get ridiculed for blaming the Russians. 

Yet odd how the Trump admin and family know Russians, deal with Russians and always lie about their involvement with Russians. No witch hunt if it's true and right in your face. 

How many times has he denied invading Ukraine or that there were official Russian troops there? His troll army pretending to be Cleetus a black Christian gay veteran from Pennsylvania or someone else ticking all the demographic boxes to distract from the white dumb bigoted fucker that is the usual Trump follower. 

What do they have planned next? They still have to work on removing sanctions and the Magnitsky act which is really hurting Putin and his billions invested in foreign countries. Twitter is working away at removing bots and fake accounts but seriously there is always a work around for that.   

Counterintelligence officials in Washington DC know of  malware that has been sent to 10,000 Twitter users in the Defense Department. The messages contain links of news or events that is happening or of interest. 

When clicked it takes users to a Russian-controlled server that has a program to take over the phone or Twitter account depending on the importance of that person who was targeted. 

The use of social media trolls & bots were a success, the ransomware attacks on banks and hospitals across the world were a success. What's next just some more random chaos? Imagine Tweets from verified Twitter accounts belonging to government departments.   

Of course good guy Putin will shrug and deny everything. The only person that will believe him will be Trump. 

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