Friday, 10 November 2017

Gun Control For Dummies

Old Knudsen has been getting 'triggered' by Americans talking about gun control. Not because they have a great argument for they don't but because they are soooo fucken stupid.

Remember that Old Knudsen is a gun owner (it's in the US) he lived in the US for a decade he's ex military but now he's in the UK so has vast knowledge of gun control from a cuntry with too many and one with very little guns.

1) It's NOT a gun ban. This makes ammo-sexuals scared, the word ban is their bane. No one has ever called for a gun ban, it's not possible and not even the UK, Australia or Japan has a gun ban.

2) Guns are NOT banned in the UK . Though it's illegal to own handguns, pump action shotguns, semi or fully automatic weapons. Other rifles and shotguns you need a reason to own it and somewhere to shoot it. Self defense is not a valid reason. If you are such a pussy that you can only defend yerself with a gun you get exiled to France where you can go cry at sunsets and surrender yer heart out. 

3) Criminals do NOT have all the guns. Firearms control means that anyone caught with a gun or even ammo does hard jail time. Merely owning a taser in the UK will get you 2 years. Such stiff sentencing means that it's not worthwhile for criminals to get caught with or to sell or commit crimes with a gun. Why do 10 years with a gun when you can do only 3-5 with a knife? They get rid of their guns. Not all criminals have guns anyways.

Fucken disgusting, no trigger discipline at all

4) There was a ban on semi and automatic weapons and it did no good. The ban started in 1994 but any weapon made before that was legal and there were millions upon millions made and already out there. The ban ended 2004 that's 12 years ago. Of course a half arsed ban wont work. Clinton did it which is why the right really have it out for them.

5) Gun control doesn't work. The Hungerford massacre of 1987 and The Dunblane school massacre of 1996 was what led the UK to ban handguns and semi automatics.

There have been two spree shootings since both in 2010. One with Raoul Moat armed with a sawn off shotgun he had a grudge against police, he killed his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend whom he incorrectly thought was a cop. Police officer David Rathband was blinded in the attack he hanged himself in 2012. Moat shot himself. Not much of a spree, the US mocks it and calls that everyday shit.

In 2010 taxi driver Derrick Bird drove around Cumbria with a shotgun and rifle killing people he had grudges against. A total of 13 dead including Bird ... that is how many shooting sprees we've had in the UK in 14 years.
Northern Ireland is totally different since we have terrorism. The odd 30 year-old gun surfaces now and again for paramilitaries to shoot each other with but that's it these days with guns. Gaddafi is no longer selling them.

The Port Arthur massacre in 1996 Australia that killed 35 brought in a ban on assault rifles and pump action shotguns and a more strict system of licensing and ownership controls. Since then there has been a decrease in homicide by firearms. Since 1996 the risk of dying by gun crime was reduced 50% and getting lower.
A ban on the possession of digital blueprints was introduced to prevent 3D printers being used to make guns with. 

There have been two shootings since 1996, in 2002 and the Sydney  hostage crisis of 2014, 2 victims each with one of the hostage takers as well in 2014. In 2017 they had another firearms amnesty in which 51,000 firearms were handed in. Most shootings don't count if it's less than 3 people killed so Australia can be counted as not having any mass shootings since 1996.  

The US have had 307 mass shootings in 2017  Around 84 dead in October and 28 for November so far.
So guns make you more safe huh? It doesn't lead to an increase in knife crime, in the real world we just call that um ... crime. I'd rather be confronted by a bloke with a knife than a gun.

Criminals will always find a way to kill if they really want to kill. Guns make killing way easier. You can kill more people with a gun than with a knife or ramming them with your van. Why have guns so easy to get? You are making it easier for bad guys to kill. Why you do that?

6) You take our guns there will be a civil war. You remember the Bundys who bravely took over an empty nature sanctuary and vowed to fight to the death ... the old pry my gun from my dead cold fingers thing.
They talked a good fight but all got homesick. They were arrested while out visiting their families and one guy managed to get shot by the police causing the rest to pee their pants.

Christopher Cantwell the crying Nazi

They had a guy who was ready to die and then a few days later he was crying saying how he missed his family. Much like the crying Nazi guy from Virginia. He was armed but couldn't help crying about those mean Liberals that bad mouthed them like the tranny fanatic Chelsea Manning ... his words dude, he was very emotional after all.

America doesn't have the balls or enough camo trousers with elasticated waist bands for a civil war. Look at Trump being tough with North Korea on Twitter but soft on them while in range of their missiles, that is the American ammo-sexual tough guy. 

Like that poker playing social media tough guy Dan Bilzerian who live streamed himself running from the Vegas shooter, "Holy fuck, this girl just got shot in the fucking head."

He said he went home and got his gun then returned to see if he could help police or something.

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer said, "This is why children shouldn’t classify heroes by their followers or their photos. @danbilzerian this is what kills me about people like you a woman just got shot in the head and you are running away filming that’s not what operators do. Please stop trying to be someone your not. People are dying, you’re running away not helping them and pretending it’s worthy of a video is disgusting."

Ouch! ... yeah he'll be on the front line of the civil war with the Bundys and the crying Nazi facing off against the Helcat missiles or 50 caliber machine guns of a Blackhawk helicopter. I hope he live streams that.   
The loss isn't worth it

The movies dude, Americans are supposed to be the heroes, they are supposed to be better than this. Where is the can do attitude? Where is the protecting the innocent? If the good guy doesn't have a gun he makes do. 

Hundreds of Republicans and at even some Democrats in the house and senate get paid thousands by the National Rifle Association. That is the only reason gun control won't work. It's the same reason healthcare costs so much too, the government is corrupt and on the take. 

Dunblane in 1996 was the UK's Sandy Hook in 2012. We made the choice that keeping children safe in school was more important than being macho with a gun. 

I really can't understand the lack of integrity and honor someone would have to have to not be bothered by Sandy Hook and to make all of the above excuses. It's not their child and so they don't care. They are probably rude to waiters and throw their fag butts on the ground too. 

Trump said the Texas shooter was mentally disturbed. One of his first actions was reversing an Obama ruling that said mentally unfit people should be allowed to keep their firearms. You had to be really bad as in severe dementia and unable to look after yourself but oh no, Trump thinks these people should be allowed to have guns.  

I'm sick of having to write these posts and to argue about something that is so obvious. The Founding Fathers meant muskets, they could not have foreseen people twisting their words and meaning and using it to keep their right to bear arms and to deprive others the right to live.  

What do you think they'd say to 307 mass shootings ... well done you are a true American patriots? 

They would say what thou fuck dude, you guys are dumb as shit. I hope'th some great thinker writes a blog post for you dummies. 

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