Thursday, 9 November 2017

Escape From Brexit

Brexit was about making Britain great again, and Northern Ireland of course .  The referendum took place in June 2016 and now nearly a year and a half later we've achieved everything that made people want to vote to leave the European Union. 

The money we sent to Europe every week £350million is being spent on the NHS as promised. All the foreigners have gone to the death camps as probably promised by Ukip and our top Tory negotiators have set up a great trading system with the EU and many other nations who are clambering for whatever it is we make in Britain (tea?) because why pay less elsewhere when you can buy British? 

But Nigel Farage is happy so fuck you all

The Tories now care about the people, our human and employment rights are all protected and Britannia rules the waves again. Russia giggles trembles at the thought of the British Navy.

Ok not really it's a total cluster fuck and the weak Tory leadership keeps trying to push forward deals that will fuck the UK over even more.
The US is hammering us with trade tariffs & cancelling deals forcing companies to cut jobs and no one is lining up to trade with us because like Old Knudsen told you we've become irrelevant on the world stage. No money going to the NHS the only ones that get money are the DUP ... they haven't got their promised billion yet lol. 

Cambridge Analytica helped achieve Brexit and on that success they went on to set up a Trump win and branched out in other world elections and getting caught out in rigging one in Kenya. How come Kenya catches them out but the UK and US are too dumb? 

Farage, Assange, Putin are players with their schemes perhaps with different motivations than each other but it all leads to the same goal, breaking up alliances and setting people against each other for revenge.      
Farage revenge on Europe, Assange revenge on Hillary & Obama and Putin revenge on breaking up  Soviet Russia, he still isn't over that one. 

Sneaky Tories Like Cameron and May pretended to be pro EU as did Jeremy Corbyn they all helped Brexit come true with their lack luster arguments.  

Nearly a year and a half on the people that don't want Brexit are called Remoaners cos they/we won't shut up. Imagine that, someone wants to fuck up your nation and future generations but since the majority barely won we have to accept it ... um no.  

Still there are people online supporting Brexit ... they have to be Russian trolls right cos no one can be THAT stupid. 

Their main point is that the UK voted for it as a whole. May keeps saying this too.  The 'united' in United Kingdom is meant to be sarcastic duh!

When were we united last? Oh WWII that's when. In England northerners and southerns have never really liked each other, not a hatred but the southerns tend to look down on everyone with a regional accent. They have the nation's capitol city and so the south gets the most attention and investment. 

It was only in the last 30 years that there have been regional accents reading the news for fucks sake, until then it was posh sounding English people. Of course the Scottish are still sore about the whole  genocide thing and Highland Clearances that went from the 1600's to the mid 19th century. 

The Irish are at the bottom of the pecking order. The potato famine killed more than it should have as any food produced in Ireland was shipped to England. Even the Protestant Ulster folk who wish nothing more than to be British are called Paddy in a derogatory way ... oh stop getting on like the arse kissing Welsh. 

Soldiers gunning down civilians during the Troubles didn't make any friends either. 
A white officer and his not so white men in 1912 when there was an Empire

The English have not just fucked over scores of nations all over the world but also those who are their own people. The worse thing is that lowly plebs from regional areas were doing all the killing at the bidding of their educated English overlords.   

This is not an anti-English post as there have been English in Old Knudsen's family tree. It's to show you that while the UK is small it has always been divided but together. Different regions so many dialects and expressions. London is nothing like Belfast or Glasgow. 

Northern Ireland voted 55% to stay in the EU. Scotland voted 62% to stay in the EU, both have/had devolved governments but now their fate gets decided by England and Wales by people that many have never been to either place. 

In the Olympics there was Team GB ... not Team United Kingdom and Northern Ireland which is our full title and can be found on the front of our passports. Great Britain is the mainland. The parts that aren't Scotland, Wales is England.  Cornwall would like to be considered a region but the Sassenachs say no. 

Britain's Got Talent which is a reality show from Simon Cowell who doesn't think Northern Ireland has any talent it seems. it has, ask your mom. 

Most laws and statistics usually only cover England and Wales there is never a WHOLE  ... until Brexit of course then we're a whole. 

The Leave campaign won by less than 4%, should such an important decision rest on less than 4%?  Leaving the EU affects thousands in the present and millions in the future. 

It upsets Northern Ireland's peace agreement and you just know that there are some more than willing to start bombing the Brits again. Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK with a land border to an EU state, we can't have the sentry towers and checkpoints returning. 

Leaving the EU, an independent Scotland a united Ireland, all the things on Vladimir Putin's wish list. He can't break up NATO just yet but some day. 

Do not go gentle into that good night, Old Knudsen should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light and so fuck if they call you a Remoaner, at least you aren't a Brexitard.

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