Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Dawn Of The Creep

Donald Trump, Hairy Wankstain, Bill O'Reilly, James Toback, Brett Ratner, Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Affleck (and brother) George H .W. Bush, Charlie Rose, CK Louis, Al Franken several British politicians and many more have been accused of sexual harassment.  

The Brits already went through the BBC and anyone that was on TV in the 70's and 80's but molesting people seems to be a popular past time and there are sooo many more creeps to be uncovered. 

Like slavery, black face and homosexuality being illegal the PC brigade strikes again to spoil things for us white straight males. Now you can't even force yourself onto a woman without her telling the world 20 years later ... what the fuck?

Who isn't in the mood for sex with a stranger after a funeral? It's Bond FFS!!!  

For decades movies have shown us a hesitant female that only needed a forced kiss from the male lead in order to fall in love with him. We blokes aren't too bright ... you mean that's not how things are? Next you'll tell me one punch doesn't knock everyone out or it's not so easy to shoot someone without aiming.

Young women still fall for older guys right? That is one movie cliche I refuse to give up on! Lost in Translation needs a very graphic Johansson/Murray sex scene in my opinion. 

I don't have time to bleed I do have time to breed

Older, ugly fat men in positions of power seems to be a common thread. Men whose ego needs stroked and their penis' too. Wanking and open bathrobes also seems to be a thing.

Why anyone would think this would be a turn on I don't know

If accused you can deny it, settle out of court or surprise people by owning up and getting help. You can claim you thought walking about with your dick out was something the other party wanted or to really make people scratch their heads you can come out of the closet at the same time ... even though you kinda did that in the 90's.

You had better not be a perv Plummer, tons more movies to re-do

Hey sorry for trying to molest you I was drunk but in other news I'm gay! It's bad when the guy who has been in graphic shows like The Walking Dead and The Punisher says how creeped out he was by Spacey during the filming of Baby Driver.

With all the perverts out there on the road to rape you'd think that all men do this. Strange enough there are a few men that have never grabbed a non-consensual arse or boob. There are also men that can get drunk and not try to force themselves onto others. Shocking right?

Nothing to do with not being a real man that takes what they want because that isn't being a real man.

A real man respects others. A real man defends the weak, vulnerable and anyone else that needs it. A real man doesn't use his position or power to coerce others into doing something they don't want to do. A real man doesn't do stuff for praise. A real man never hits a woman and would only ever retaliate against a woman if it's to defend himself or others if there is no other option.     

At the end of their first movies Thor and Captain America are what real men should be

A real man also destroys his enemies and drinks from their skulls. He can bounce children on his knee sing the songs to Frozen and still be a real man because it's about honour and integrity, not what others say you should be. You don't need super powers or to have your hammer hanging out of your bathrobe when someone hot enters the room. 

Like most things in life being a real man or being a douchebag is a choice. Life only makes you into something if you allow it to. You may not have the choice of being a victim but you don't have to let it define who you are. 

Doing a honk honk prank on a sleeping woman is inappropriate. Al Franken I do not believe is in the same league as Hairy Wankstain or Toback. The world of comedy can be crass in order to get the funny but he isn't even in the same league as CK Lewis who can be inappropriately funny though not so funny when he's harassing women.

Leeann Tweeden used this photo as proof and says Franken forced a kiss onto her during a rehearsal. The photo is wrong, sure she has a flak jacket on and he isn't touching her but it's wrong. Like shaving and drawing on someone who falls asleep at a party. Different levels of what is acceptable. Hey they were drunk if they fell asleep they were asking for it. 

Yeah that argument can't really be used there if it isn't acceptable for rape. Like I said different levels of acceptability and most rapists don't rape straight away they lead up and escalate their behavior with other things they can get away with.

In a culture in which stag nights and hen nights are often used to belittle someone or else it's not a good night ... what the fuck?  It's like being given permission to bully and people don't seem to need much encouragement do they? How is smashing a wedding cake in someone's face a sign of love? 

Like guiding the bride's hand cutting the cake the pushing the cake into her face it is all to do with male dominance and her submissiveness ... yeah all good fun if you don't think about it. 

Thanks to a culture in which friends can easily turn into tormentors Old Knudsen has issues with falling asleep in public places. You should be able to trust the people around you when you sleep. 

Tweeden was rightly annoyed by the picture as who likes others laughing at you when you aren't in on the joke? 

That was in 2006 but the problem I have is that Franken was doing the same skit with Karri Kathleen Turner from 2003 on wards on other USO tours. 

Leeann Tweeden awake

The shows are crude, crass, sexual and full of innuendo, all the stuff the fighting (male) soldier wants. It's a matter of reminding them what they are fighting for which is why you always get the hotties along side of Bob Hope. 

 When you are famous they'll let you do anything

Leeann Tweeden who is often on Fox Sports went after Franken saying that the #MeToo gave her courage. He apologized for the photo and says he remembers the rehearsal differently. She has accepted his apology. 

Not intending to belittle how she feels I have to mention that a forced kiss and getting pushed off was in the act. There are references to boob exams and soldiers are brought up on stage to kiss the eye candy after Franken has his kiss, the joke is on Franken for being too gross to kiss.

She said that he wrote the (3 year-old) skit with her in mind in 2006 and probably only wrote it so he could kiss her. Full of yourself much? It's like she remembers the skit but remembers it as reality. Is there Meth given out in the Fox news hospitality room? I would not be surprised. 

This was her introducing him

There is a video of Tweeden pretending to kiss Robin Williams then patting him on the butt. What I'm saying is that the crude behaviour of a USO tour can be taken out of context and that having a vagina does not shield you from criticism.

You should lean towards believing the accuser but don't do it blindly. Never forgo critical thinking in favour of knee jerk reaction.
Old Knudsen doesn't support people based on what they are such as Republican or Democrat but if they do shite things he judges them on that. I was more disappointed that anything in Franken as I thought he was better than that. 

Franken gives Republicans a hard time and holds the likes of lying racist Jeff Sessions to account and Tweeden is on Fox which is on speed dial to the White House.

After looking at everything I call it sexual pranks rather than sexual predator with Franken and that Tweeden was in on it but then redrew the line at some point I don't know if there were other reasons. 

She was one of the the tits and ass people for the tour and yes there were cheerleaders and short shorts too. The cheer leaders were way better than Tweedon BTW no story there????

Unlike everyone else listed at the beginning of the post Franken has had women he's worked with for years speak up for him. Unless there is any new startling evidence or 8 more accusers I don't think Franken deserves to be on the list. 

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