Tuesday, 10 October 2017

What We Aren't Talking About

Dear Boris in Moscow, our mutual friends at Fort Meade (the NSA) have been particularly active so I've set up this back channel so we can have private discussions about adoptions and other innocent things and certainly not repealing the Magnitsky Act .... oh no, that's a nothing burger wink wink. You can reach me on TheKush@Gmail.com or my wife on DaddysGirl69@Gmail.com

Why is the fact that Jared Kushner, Cohn, Bannon, Miller, Priebus and Ivanka all using private e-mail for White House business not a big story getting talked about non-stop? They were told by security experts not to but did it anyways cos rich people know better.

Is it because that while it's a stupid thing to do it's only evil and malicious when Hillary does it? Her e-mails were about eating children and setting up more attacks like Benghazi as it makes her wet.

No not really but there is an obvious hypocrisy and that's why Liberals fail, they can't get angry and bent out of shape over every little thing. Where are the angry Liberals WRITING IN CAPS????LOCK EM UP!!!!

The Bush admin deleted 22 million e-mails about the wars of terror but no one cares. Fucken libtard stoners huh, no motivation. They get annoyed and then get the munchies.

 He's so funny and friendly he reminds me of my daddy. 

Harvey Weinstein admitted to sexually harassing female employees and the right cheered! For so long they've had to endure the sex offenders on Fox News and in the White House but now a Hollywood leftie elite does it too .... yay for liberal sexual harassment they say. 

Oh you liberals are all quiet now .... well except for all those condemning him of course but but BENGHAZI! 4 dead Americans and it's on you Liberals and Hillary an shit. What happened ... BENGHAZI that's what happened.  

Sgt. La David T. Johnson was the fourth

So what about the 4 Green Berets killed in Niger? Trump or Pence haven't even Tweeted about them and it's almost a week. These guys are elite so perhaps Trump is angry at them for wasting all that money all those years training them. I only like soldiers that don't get captured or killed. 

It's funny at the selective outrage. NFL players take a knee to raise awareness for police brutality that is a real thing. You can say that as many whites get killed by the police as blacks do and I'll say ... is that a fucken good thing to be bragging about? More blacks than white get jailed so figure that crazy shit out. 

Many white people get pulled over for driving while black? Only white people deny there is a problem, odd that. 

The Trump admin love their flag, anthem and the military ... they also love the Confederate flag, that crappy Rolling Stones you can't always get what you want song and only straight, white, male alive military. 

They like unborn babies ... once they've been born they can fuck off and stop being a drain of resources. They like Viagra for their failing cocks but not female contraceptives.  

 That was great, I'd love to stay but I'm outraged ... laters!

Pence was in Vegas telling the victims of the shooting to suck it up because the 2nd Amendment means freedom! He then flew to Indiana for the game but we all know he had no intention of staying. 

Trump even Tweeted that he had told his boy to leave once those uppity Negroes NFL players exercised their protected American rights to protest. You know, the rights that people have fought and died for. 

Pence had a fundraiser to attend in LA anyways so of course he wasn't staying. The whole diva stunt cost the taxpayer over $200,000 but at least Puerto Rico didn't get that money. How can they be dying? Trump didn't see any bodies. 

Just look at what Fox is talking about and that's what Trump wants you to hear. Those disrespectful NFL players, Hillary's e-mails, dirty dick Weinstein, how gun control doesn't work and of course WAR with North Korea. 

No disasters unless it's white people and certainly not the passive aggressive war with Russia. 

If in doubt attack Liberals, blame shift and play the victim. Instead of a glib insincere Tweet about the 4 fallen heroes Trump Tweets how great the stock market is and that he should get more TV time because everyone is out to get him.  

Perhaps they wouldn't be against you if you and your admin didn't get on like it was the last days at Versailles before the people rose up and cut some heads off. 

Instead of giving tax breaks to the well off, taking healthcare away from children, trying to deport Dreamers, Muslims, Transgenders and late night talk show hosts or ignoring dying Americans because they have funny accents ... just saying like ... you aren't gonna get many fans if you get on like a spoiled semi-retarded toddler that has always wanted to see a nuke explode. 

Selective outrage ignoring facts. This is why Liberals fail. Liberals get constantly surprised at how the right can be such wankers and how they bask in the glow of constant impotent rage. 

Like Internet trolls the liberal media and those on social media always take the bait and before they know it nothing has been done except a load of distraction from more quiet things. 

Like all propaganda look at what they aren't talking about and don't fall for the hot topic subjects. 

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