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The US In Niger

People keep on asking Old Knudsen questions in his role as an international security analyst. Well actually they don't which is odd as I usually go on about shit months before the mainstream media start going on about it. 

To be honest Old Knudsen has been 'out of the life' for years and only became an analyst as I thought it had to do with butt stuff. 


Want to know about secret bases in Africa? I've told you about these before. The US only has one permanent base in Africa that's Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti. When they say permanent that means they've paid the rent in advance and there is so much there that they can't just live there 5 years then evacuate. A permanent base is like a town. 

  Camp Lemonnier is a lot of fun on Friday and Saturday nights

There are other semi-permanent bases, these could very well become permanent or abandoned depending on operations. The way we find out about all these facilities is because construction firms put bids in for million dollar contracts in the area. The French base in N’Djamena in Chad near the Nigeria border hosts other nations and the US they are totally doing it are not interested in building a large $100 million base there.

In Senegal there is a firing range and a shoot house, a multipurpose facility in Cameroon, Airbase in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. Arlit and Tahoua in Niger have outposts.

The US fly drones for ISR ... Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance from Niger, Djibouti, Ethiopia and the Seychelle islands. 

Since 2013 the US have been operating out of a temporary base at Diori Hamani International Airport in the Niger city of Niamey, Base AĆ©rienne 101. They are moving operations to build a drone base at Agadez which is nice and central. 

Scruff of the neck training

Why are there US troops Africa? Why not? Everyone else is in Africa. The locals need training and support or they'll be over run and the insurgents will become stronger. Like in Syria ISIS took over oil refineries to finance themselves and in Niger they want to take over the gold mining. 

Of course the US is getting something out of it. If they don't help out these nations they they'll trade with China who has a large presence in Africa. Also Russia has signed a military cooperation deal with Niger and are also going to be drilling for oil in Nigeria so plenty of foreign competition for the area.

There maybe defeat for ISIS in Iraq and Syria after all these years but in Africa new groups keep emerging. The Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, the Islamic State in Somalia, and the Islamic State in Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. 

ISIS merged with Boko Haram a couple of years back which showed how the threat is growing. Other smaller groups have merged too such as the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa  and the Masked Men Brigade which became The Islamic State in the Greater Sahara and so on.

al-Shabaab in Somalia have been having management issues which had members split off to another group. Being the al-Qaeda flavour they don't appreciate members leaving for the ISIS brand. 

The attack in Niger that left 4 dead is the usual cluster fuck that goes on in the military. A lightly armed 12 man team of Americans and Nigerians were walking back to their unarmored pickup trucks after a village meeting when they were ambushed by 50 insurgents. 

The insurgents were better armed and well there were 50 . After 30 minutes French jets buzzed the area to try to disperse the insurgents but were not allowed to engage the enemy and then an hour later a private contractor from  Berry Aviation was used to airlift the soldiers out. They have the contract for that, what else do they let civvies do? Or how you avoid Congress for shady stuff and make your friends rich. 

4 dead Americans 5 dead Nigerians and others wounded. So you look at that and only 3 living soldiers were rescued 2 of them American. Sgt La David Johnson was missing. Johnson's tracker signal was activated which means he was still alive or the enemy set it off we don't know. What we do know is he didn't have an open casket. 

The military are trying to cover themselves. First they say the patrol did 29 patrols over the past 6 months with no enemy contact and now Mattis is saying an attack in the area was to be expected and as Trump says to grieving widows, shit happens get over it. 

The French and Nigerians did not leave the field until the bodies of the fallen had been recovered. 

It's a jungle out there ... some times literally. Or a vast stretch of sub-Saharan dirt and rocks. Niger is a big mostly untamed place with parts almost impossible to access. I suspect the village they visited tipped off the insurgents as 50 well armed cunts don't just hang around hoping to meet a patrol. Perhaps their patrol wasn't random enough, or they were tipped off from a buddy at the base, it all sounds very suspect. 

Then you have Trump trying to avoid any talk of it for 12 days. 

Not much in the way of winning perhaps they need the Kurd to help them out.   

More might be known about the Niger operation since I wrote this with the military finally settling on a good story to tell but this is what I know now.  

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