Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Steele Dossier

Urine Nation ... a fragrance by Trump, smell the winning

The Steele dossier is a set of memos written by a Christopher Steele, an experienced and  respected former British intelligence agent.

At the start of the election a GOP donor hired Fusion GPS to do research on Trump.The unnamed donor opposed Trump and wanted some dirt but ceased funding when Trump became the GOP nominee.  Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush are 2 suspects as to who first funded it.

Later the DNC through the law firm Perkins Coie funded the dossier on behalf of Clinton to find out about his businesses, associates and possible ties with Russia. Fusion GPS hired Mr. Steele who has connections and knows about Russia.

Obama knew about Trump's possible Russian connections as did the FBI. Buzzfeed published the dossier and what everyone picked up on was his alleged fetish for urinating Russian hookers.

Trump denied everything of course. He said he did go to Russia for the Miss World pageant but they have cameras everywhere and he warns people about this.

Trump is way too clever to be caught on tape. Besides he says he's a germophobe ... even though there were no Germans there. Golden showers??? he doesn't even like the color gold for fucks sake.

The FBI was going to hire Steele for further investigations until the dossier was made public then they changed their minds.

This whole case is full of second guessing and fear of being accused of swaying public opinion. It's no wonder the Democrats lost to a Reality TV star. 

Another fucken book? give it a rest

The FBI behaved strangely during the election and didn't really try hard to uncover any facts. This is why Old Knudsen has little faith in the Mueller investigation. 

Steele's expertise is not in doubt. Years as an uncover diplomat he was the case officer for the Litvinenko murder. That's the ex-KGB agent that Putin had poisoned in London in 2006. Sir Andrew Wood the former British ambassador to Moscow vouched for Steele to John McCain.

The main problem with the dossier were the sources. It's very hard for a spy to cite sources and some doubted Steele's ability as an outsider to infiltrate Kremlin security. No one would bet their career on it.

Over the past 11 months 9 top Russians have died. Oleg Erovinkin a former intelligence officer was found dead in his car. It is suspected he has ties to the Steele dossier and of course with Russia no cause of death was given.

Sergei Krivov a Russian diplomat died on election day in New York for fucks sake. Either from a head wound, chest wound or heart attack all have been given as the cause of death. 

Putin finds out who is against him and gets rid of them. Recently he used the Interpol to put out an arrest alert for a journalist but they won't say what the charge is. 

Putin using Interpol, I bet there is a lot of corruption and abuse of power there that we don't know about. 

Trump is the guy that gushes inappropriately about women in public and even while on stage. He's cheated on his wives to get the next wife so are we to think that away from his wife and the US he behaves himself at a beauty pageant? 

Old Knudsen is 100% sure that he has been compromised by the Russians. They have something on him. Remember M.I.C.E. Money, Ideology, Compromise and Ego ... the usual ways to suborn someone. 

All nations spy but Russia never stopped fighting the Cold War

Trump has been going to Russia for potential business deals since the time they were Communist. Yeah the epitome of American Capitalism doing business in Soviet Russia, doesn't pass the smell test.           

Trump and his family have denied Russian ties but there are plenty of interviews of them bragging about doing business in Russia. A Russian Oligarch put Ivanka and Jared together for fucks sake. Release your tax returns Trump!!!!  

The Trump family lies! ... that seems to be the one consistent truth. 

Donald Trump isn't the brightest tool in the cupboard. He says he is very intelligent and went to an Ivy league school ... New York Military Academy and yet he knows nothing about military protocol or basic general knowledge, very strange. 

You'd think such a place would honor the raising and taking down of the flag everyday and that Trump would recognize the Retreat when it is being played. 

Trump is the Manchurian Candidate of the apocalypse. He still hasn't activated the latest sanctions against Russia even though he was made to sign them. He wanted an era of sharing with Russia when he was first elected and Putin cheered this. 

And Melania doesn't even know she's a robot

Putin is like a trickle of water on a wall, sooner or later the wall will crumble. Checks and balances have prevented Trump lifting sanctions much to the ire of Exxon who were counting on drilling for oil in Russia. Putin had hoped the Magnitsky Act would get lifted as this is hurting Russian foreign investment big time.

The Magnitsky Act repealed is Russia's short term goal. When the US froze Russia assets to punish Russia for the death of Sergei Magnitsky in a Russian prison in 2009 they retaliated by not allowing Americans to adopt Russian children. 

That what Donald Trump jr said the Russians wanted to talk about when he and Jared met with former KGB agents in Trump Tower. 

As long as you told Assange what to say we'll be good

Trump's attitude towards Russia is not normal, he would have you believe the Press is corrupt rather than the Russians with their Facebook ads. 

Julian Assange is also trying to gaslight the narrative by claiming everyone had Russian info except him ... yeah right. All the Trumps, Nigel Farage and Julian Assange ... all liars. Each check off several of the things on the M.I.C.E. list especially ego.   

Old Knudsen being an expert on body language and behavior can see Trump is dirty. It will take more than Russian hooker piss to clean this up.  

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