Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Next American Rebellion

After the shooting in Vegas the various riled up keyboard warriors looking for justice condemned all that was shooty and screamed TERRORIST! The 2nd Amendment supporters also turned up cos hey they didn't know any of the dead so who cares? 

The right for US citizens to bear arms in a well trained militia so that there will never be a tyrannical government in control, it gives people the option to rebel and kill the lot of them. It's one of those checks and balances that doesn't really work.

After a couple of hundred years we're more civilized and shit indoors and stuff. The musket and cannon are no longer the weapons used. We've got nukes, drones, ICBM's and semi/fully automatic rifles. Killing each other has never been easier or more convenient.

My valid and always correct point is that civvies don't need military grade weapons because there is no way they could defeat a modern day military. Could yer civilian semi-automatic AR-15 save you from a drone or a tank? A civilian militia of fat farm fed mommy's boys would be fucken useless. Um yeah I've never been in a fight and don't exercise but I could take on the Navy SEALs any day.

Bear Bundy and his slack jawed brother Cleetus say down with the Feds! 

Remember the Bundy's? The brave patriots that took over an empty nature reserve. They vowed to fight to the death then started crying about missing home and complaining that people were laughing at them and sending them dildos.

Don't forget Christopher Cantrell or the Crying Nazi as he's been called. All I wanted to do was march around Charlottesville like a tough guy chanting Jews will not replace us while carrying my concealed firearm but the mean liberals hounded me and now I have to go into hiding and cry on Youtube, I'm sooo afraid. I'm just a goddamned human being leave me alone.

For fucks sake, even yer armed Nazis are pussies America. Who is it exactly that is going to rise up and take or fire the first bullet?

The person who was talking to me said that many in the military would defy orders and side with the people refusing to open fire. Sometimes US police look more like soldiers and it's probably them you really have to worry about.

A soldier refusing to fire at civilians. What kind of shite soldiers are they? A US Marine wouldn't question orders their brainwashing is the best. They didn't join up to have opinions and share their feelings for fucks sake.

If it got to the point of soldiers opening fire on civilians you can bet that the civilians would be demonized by then. Look at Black Lives Matter and Antifa, they are this close to being named as terrorist groups by the government.

Look at these fucken subversives 

If you listen to Trump he denounces women in pussy hats and anyone that says no to him. Scientists against climate change need to be hanged. That bitch in Puerto Rico begging for her people to be saved ... what a loser.

Is this the new normal? If you challenge it you'll be called a Libtard snowflake or the *hard left* whatever the fuck that is.

Things don't go down like bam! you have soldiers or police facing against civilians, it happens gradually.  

The Boston massacre happened during increasing tensions. British soldiers firing into civilians. They did a lot of that in the 1700's with the Irish and the Scottish but that was ethnic cleansing rather than just keeping the peace. Redcoats were good at following orders.

The Kent State shootings that killed 4 students protesting the Vietnam war in 1970 or in Northern Ireland The Ballymurphy Massacre of 1971 that killed 11 or the Bloody Sunday shootings in 1972 killing 14. 

Such modern day outrage that this couldn't happen is childlike and stupid. Of course it could happen again open your eyes. Soldiers don't grow a backbone and an independent personality like in the movies, it's bro peer pressure at its best .... we were just following orders dude.   

Trials of soldiers charged with murder from shooting people with baton rounds (plastic bullets) in the 70's is still going on in Northern Ireland. They make up stories like the 14 year-old boy was about to throw something so I shot him in the head ... like modern day Israel I suppose. 

Catalonia wanted a referendum for independence. Spain didn't them to vote. The government declared the vote illegal and the police went in with batons and plastic bullets to stop people from voting ... not to stop rioting but to stop voting. 

Catalan firefighters tried to protect people by forming a chain but police just beat them too. It didn't take much to make the police behave like this, just a few orders. 

You can be armed if you want but how is having deadly shooting sprees in schools, cinema's, clubs and concerts every other month keeping you free? Seems to me that this great US experiment is only killing people and the NRA and gun makers are the ones getting rich and staying alive. 

Guns haven't made the US any safer, unarmed people get killed by cops & whack jobs every day. 

Guns have made the US even more frightened, owning them or the fear that someone else owns one. Even with guns modern day Americans couldn't rise up.  

*Decent people that will knock out your teeth if you get on like a dick*


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