Monday, 30 October 2017

The JFK Files It Was Hillary

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President Donald J Trump in the spirit of transparency released the last of the JFK files. Well actually they were due to be released for years but Trump took the credit as he is desperate for a win of any sort. 

Of course he lied about releasing them as not all were released. They worry about national security but Jared and Ivanka have top level clearance and Putin has front door keys. 

Let me remind you how Old Knudsen stands on this assassination

'A moving target 90 yards (82 metres) with a tree obscuring it for some time yet he fired 3 rounds in 6 seconds with 2 out of three bullets hitting the mark ..... this was on an old clunky bolt action rifle that he wasn't used to firing with an inaccurate scope that wasn't of a particularly powerful magnification.'

Also he wasn't a particularly good shot and didn't practice. 

Cheer the fuck up Jackie

The smile and the wink as LBJ gets sworn in. He kept the troops in Nam (Air America) and was friends with the people that set up Haliburton. Always look to see who profits from something and it wasn't the Russians but that narrative has been pushed as it's a good one. 

These days people just flat out refuse to blame the Russians, Russian fatigue I think but those ex-reds are still at it. 

According to these documents the Russians were very concerned that a US General would nuke Moscow in retaliation. 

Oswald was a former Marine so not the brightest, he sure made himself known to the authorities with obvious Russian connections as if he wasn't trying to hide. 

Russia uses fools, it doesn't train them in covert actions. Trump isn't a Russian spy he's a Russian groupie so easy to manipulate and use. Others can use those fools too. The Alt-wipe for instance. 

What Happened

The Trump admin looked over the documents before they were released and noticed a page that wasn't included on the index. The page which wasn't crumpled up and dyed in coffee to look aged says that Hillary killed JFK. Respected journalist Sean Hannity concurs with these findings. 

"The FBI and the leftist Media aren't talking about this at all but I am."

Hillary would have been 16 then and well into her KGB training. The documents also show that the FBI knew that Hillary was a threat. In December of 1961 she gave a kill list to Santa instead of her Christmas list by accident and he obviously went to the Feds. That Santa died a week before he was to testify in a suspicious danger wank incident with a belt around his neck in a closet. 

Look at my pants I'm fucken crazy ... I'll kill anyone and laugh while doing it bitch!

According to documents, Hillary who was quite hot then still is got close enough to JFK to put magnets held in ice onto his head. JFK's head was massive so they were easy to miss. 

Hillary took up position closer to the route with a clear line of sight as any properly trained operative would do. To the front of the motorcade would be better than seeing it whizzing past. That would give you more time than 6 seconds. Oswald would serve as a good distraction with his clunky rifle. People would be looking behind the car as Hillary made her escape.

Hillary's bullets were magnetic and so were attracted to the magnets on JFK's giant noggin. What wasn't destroyed by impact would fall off when the ice melted ... standard KGB stuff back then.

If only these files had been released earlier. Hillary went on to kill 4 Americans at Benghazi, several other people like the staffer that found out she was behind the Wikileaks hack and it was her plan all along to lose the election so she could concentrate on her pedophile ring operating out of a pizza parlor .... fucking cunning or what?

She killed them all personally as she enjoyed seeing the life drain from their eyes.

Don't get me started on that e-Bay account traced to her that was selling uranium to the Russians.

Robert Mueller is charging people in the Russian collusion investigation. Expect distractions. Bannon has been released from White House service to work on the Breitbart News lies, he's really pushing the already de-bunked uranium rumor.

Talk about nuking North Korea, blame Obama and Hillary on something, whine about the media. Don't fall for these 'I'm just a patsy' stories.

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