Saturday, 21 October 2017

The Hero That Never Was

Fox News did a segment in which decorated Vietnam vet John Garofalo had made a 150 LBS presidential seal for Trump. He is inspired by Trump and has hope for the nation ... Trump is like a big orange muse, Obama would never inspire anyone, he was weak on inspiration.

  If video doesn't play at first hit refresh then say 'I am a cunt' three times. 

The man is an artist, it's fucken beautiful. I think my comment was "it's very nice but totally wasted on Trump" ... give the man his dues it's lovely. 

John Garofalo served 7 years in the first SEAL team units. He was listed MIA twice and has recieved 22 comadations including 2 Purple hearts ... you know, those participation awards the US gives out. I like my war heroes not to get shot. 

Cunning Trump got one from a gullible voter, yeah that thing is sitting in the junk drawer at Trump Tower along with those wire tapps [sic] he kept finding.  

Just don't call John a hero cos like all of us heroes he doesn't like it, he gets choked up and says the real heroes are the ones that didn't come back. 

Except for Old Knudsen who totally came back ... that bit was probably edited out for time. 

 That cunt has more medals that I have. I must log onto Amazon immediately.  

The video went viral and got 1.5 million Facebook views. I watched it on Twitter but now I can't find it, I keep getting a 404 broken link page ... odd. 

Hero John made seals for Reagan and Bush sr ... the others can fuck off. Looks like he got better at making them. Bush is probably looking at the new one and wondering why he got stuck with a crappy grey one. 

The plot twist being that Garofalo has never been to Nam which is probably why Old Knudsen doesn't recognize him. Fuck sake I hate fakers!

Don Shipley, a retired real SEAL outs bogus military service claims, he got his records. The Naval Special Warfare Command didn't have him listed in the elite units ... since Old Knudsen uses various names for classified reasons he dug deeper and found that Garofalo had joined the Navy in 1963 but the closest he got to Nam was serving in Spain. 

He left in 1967 with no Vietnam medals or decorations.  He didn't even get injured on the job to qualify for a Purple Heart ... what a loser. 

He was an aviation boatswain’s mate which really involved making sure aircraft were secured on the ground. I bet he knew some great knots though. 

Shipley couldn't believe that someone had the balls to try this on. In fact Old Knudsen met a guy that pretended to be in Delta force but didn't even know how to properly kill a tiger as per the Delta force manual, I hate liars! 

So do some of Garofalo's family members as they along with Shipley contacted Fox to remove the segment. It was finally removed after Shipley contacted Llenas the reporter that gushed over Garofalo.

OMG you are such a hero, you really are, a "tough tough man."    

Llenas added that the 72 year-old hero has a 7th degree black belt as if that's impressive. Old Knudsen has a 18 degree tan coloured belt and that ain't no fucken Celsius. 

After seeing 'Fake SEAL' trending president Trump has agreed to accept the seal because Garofalo is a true American hero. John Kelly was in the room when Trump contacted Fox about Garofalo and has denounced the left and all those people that pointed out that Garofalo was a faker. Kelly went on to say: 

"I was disgusted when I came into work .... but I remembered how important I am and I get over it quickly, I also just love the taste for the president's cum ... yum yum yum."  

I don't know where he was going with that as Trump called him into the Oval office to rub his bone spurs. 

People think that because someone has served in the military they are "special" well guess what, Garofalo served and he is a bullshitter. He went to the trouble to get medals for fucks sake and to create a whole back story. I hope he gets prosecuted for stolen valor. 

Former USMC General Kelly served. He didn't have any trouble breaking up families to deport as head of DHS and he doesn't mind that the president enables Nazis. He'll even get stuck into a gold star family like his boss did and their friend Congresswoman Wilson. It is so not cool to tell a woman to shut up especially a family friend advocating for a gold star family. Did he not learn anything from the whole Hairy Wankstain sexual assault thing? ... oh he's like that huh.

Kelly did not deny Trump said 'he knew what he signed up for' in fact Kelly made excuses for saying it. Trump says a horrible thing to a grieving widow and Wilson gets attacked, what the fuck Kelly? 

People that have served are still just people, many have never given defending freedom a thought. It pays the bills or maybe they couldn't do anything else, it seemed manly, their dad did it or they were drafted. 

Old Knudsen has met more US Marines that were dicks than nice ones, no wonder they call them jugheads. Go live near a Marine base to educate yourself. SEALs, the real deals are the cool ones but obviously not the fake news ones that have all killed Osama that brag on Fox about it. 


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