Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Sorry Not Sorry For Your Loss

His first military death, one and he's done

Just when you think Trump cannot fuck things up more. For 12 days he ignored the 4 fallen soldiers ambushed by insurgents in Niger. He tweeted about everything else but not them. He played golf and gave speeches but never mentioned the troops that he claims to support.

After being called out about it by the media he stumbled with excuses saying he wrote, will write will or maybe has sent out letters and that phoning the families is difficult and is also a hit and miss thing. Bush and Obama never phoned all the families. 

So yes he did make it about himself and the hardships of dealing with emotional people then blame shifted ... the usual Trump crap.

 Look at those smug Kushners, why do they still have security clearances? 

Remember his first military death? William “Ryan”Owens a navy SEAL killed 9 days into Trump's administration. Killed in a cluster fuck of an op in Yemen. Trump rolled out the widow who was still visibly grieving and spoke about her husband and how he would be happy cos he's getting a standing ovation and great ratings.

Old Knudsen was disgusted but his supporters refused to see that any of it was inappropriate, just like the pussy grabbing talk. Like angry teens they lash out and blame something on Hillary rather than face the issue of them being wrong and Trump being morally bankrupt and probably compromised by Putin.

Military are killed all the time, it happens. It's a sad and tragic loss every time though. The tragedy was made worse by the silence of their commander in chief. That fucker tweeted about everything and whined about not getting enough TV and too many negative news stories about.

As these soldiers with no backup came under fire from 50 insurgents do you think they thought, 'could be worse I could be in a Twitter feud or something?' 

They were out in the real world facing real world shit not tweeting on the toilet like a spoiled toddler.     
It is just heartbreaking 

Myeshia Johnson the pregnant widow of  Sgt La David Johnson was in a car with her Democrat congresswoman Frederica Wilson. They took a 5 minute call from Trump. Johnson still in shock obviously she could only listen to the president. During his little ramble he said:   

"But you know he must have known what he signed up for"

Johnson was able to just say a "Thank you" at the end of the call but Wilson wanted to cuss him out. Sgt Johnson from Miami-Dade county Florida is a hero and Wilson made sure that people knew it. 

General Kelly lost his son Robert in Afghanistan in 2010. He did not want too much media coverage because he knew that others had lost loved ones too and his loss was just as bad but not greater solely because he's a General. 

That's called leadership and dignity. 

After Trump went on the defensive about not phoning the families he blamed Obama. He said that Obama never phoned General Kelly when his son died ... yes he used General Kelly's dead son to score points. 

As per protocol I'm sure that Obama did phone Robert's spouse Heather. So as usual Trump is technically right but it's also a bit of a lie too. 

Some think that Kelly should resign over this. Old Knudsen has a big question mark over Kelly's integrity since he didn't resign over the Nazi enabling and several other things. I bet Kelly justifies it all by saying that he is keeping the world safe by not letting Trump near the launch codes. 

Sorry for your loss but shit happens, have to go my shows are coming on, have a good time.  

In the military depending what regiment you are in there is the chance you might be killed. You have to give that some thought before you join. There is also the chance that you might have to kill. Something else you have to think about. 
You don't want to do either but if a war comes you don't want to have to go AWOL in Canada to avoid it because you just wanted to play soldier for a while to get money for college.   

You don't sign up to be killed that isn't in the contract. You sign up to serve. Sometimes learning a trade or to get money for college is a motivation or you are just looking for adventure. Many times it's to be a part of something greater something noble. You sure won't get rich being a grunt. 

I hope that Trump's lack of leadership, his lack of empathy and all round disrespect to those who serve gets through to some of his supporters. 

Did he say this to the others grieving widows or did he just save it for the black one? 

We've heard what he's said about captured POW's he has no use for them. He also has no use for dead soldiers either unless it's to get ratings from their grieving widows. 

Trump is a cowardly, selfish bully who has spent his 71 years on Earth only thinking about himself. He only has a use for people if he can use them to score points off others or to get something else. 

He used his own son to appear the victim when Kathy Griffin took a picture of a fake Trump head covered in ketchup. Barron was just happy that Trump remembered he had a younger son. Family values are important says the man who spends every weekend away from his 11 year-old son.  

Then using Kelly's dead son to blame Obama. 

History will not look back on the Trump admin favorably. Is scoring points against the left really worth your self respect, dignity and nation?  

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