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Red Summer

In Louisiana they are trying to reduce the amount of people they incarcerate in their prisons. They are releasing some inmates early. 

Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator held a press conference to denounce this move but not for the reasons you'd think. Bearing in mind that in the US black men are 5 times more likely to be imprisoned than white and in a few states that goes up to 10 times. 

White people argue how police shoot white people just as much as blacks in order to belittle any cries of racism or police brutality but the incarceration figures sure speak of discrimination to me. African-Americans make up 72% of Louisiana's prison population. 

Prator complained that any "bad" ones released might be a menace to society .... yeah ok, that sounds reasonable. He then went on to say that "In addition to the bad ones -- in addition to them, they are releasing some good ones that we use every day to wash cars, to change the oil in our cars, to cook in the kitchen."

So let me get this straight, he wants to keep the good black men in prison because he can get work out of them. Who is gonna clean the police cars for fucks sake? I'm sure there is a word for that but I can't quite remember it. I heard it on Roots ... nope it's gone. 

These words and this attitude from Prator brings me to something similar almost 100 years ago. 

In World War One, 380,000 blacks enlisted in the US military to go and fight the Germans. Many of them thought that by joining the segregated army they'd earn some respect back home.

Americans love veterans, they keep thanking them for their service and raising the issue of vet homelessness every time refugees are mentioned. Don't stand for the flag? How dare you insult the military .... wait what? 

Known as the Great White Chief 

Senator James K Vardaman of Mississippi said "Once you impress the negro with the fact that he is defending the flag and inflate his untutored soul with military airs" ... it was a slippery slope to his political rights being respected.

Vardaman was a Democrat. I must point out how Democrat and Republican attitudes have changed in the last couple of centuries. A Democrat now is a different beast to the ones back then. Remember that Lincoln was one of the founders of the Republican party.

Vardaman was a total white Supremacist. When Booker T Washington dined with President Roosvelt at the White House Vardaman said  that the White House was "so saturated with the odor of the nigger that the rats have taken refuge in the stable" ... yeah he was a keeper alright.

Another white guy in politics that never served in the military. The US is always at war so there is always the opportunity to serve your cuntry. 

Vardaman did indeed help whip the white nationalists supremacists into a frenzy and in 1919, 20 cities across the US had race riots and lynchings, this was known as the Red Summer.

There was also  Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer who believed that blacks were more susceptible to the influence of Communists and anarchists because of their subservient status and proceeded to do what is known as the Palmer Raids during the first of the Red Scares.

Woodrow Wilson

A US president that never served in the military, loved the ladies, golfing and was aggressive towards Mexico. Also he was bigoted against immigrants and a total racist .... luckily times have improved and a cunt like that would never get into office these days.

Woodrow Wilson #28 said, "Black American soldiers were being treated as equals by the French, and it has gone to their heads."

Immigrants from Italy were from the lowest class and a meaner sort and those from Hungary and Poland were stupid and lazy. So this cunt was an all round hater. He later had to back pedal on these remarks and apologize, probably when the elections came around. 

The violence and lynchings upset him as he was worried about how it would look internationally. Like modern day Nazis Wilson did get sucker punched by African-American leader named William Monroe Trotter as Afican-Americans had been tricked into voting for him as he was touted as being the second Lincoln. 

Only one African-American was awarded the Medal of Honor in WWI. Cpl Freddie Stowers led an assault on German trenches despite being wounded twice. He died from his wounds and his Medal of Honor nomination was "misplaced" and in 1991 George HW Bush presented it to his 2 sisters 73 years after he had died. 

The UK also has its forgotten black heroes of WWI.  

After Stowers there was an investigation and 6 African Americans were posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor with Vernon Baker being the only living recipient for WWII. 

Even though black soldiers had fought for their cuntry in WWI and were treated even more like shite when they returned home 1.2 million enlisted for WWII. 

Still segregated the black soldiers and sailors were only allowed to do grunt work and cleaning jobs. You had to get special permission to be allowed to risk your life for your cuntry. The Tuskegee Airmen, The 761st Tank Battalion and the The 452nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery battalion. 

General Patton looking important

In 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge the Germans kept killing the white troops which was very uncool so General Eisenhower kindly allowed 2000 black servicemen volunteers to serve in segregated platoons under the command of white lieutenants to replenish these companies. 

The overall majority of white soldiers and officers that served with them spoke highly of their valor and abilities but at the end of the war they were returned to non-combat roles again. 

President Harry S. Truman may have used the words nigger and kikes in his everyday language but in 1948 he desegregated the US military. 

Those African-American troops that returned after WWII sound found out that the GI bill was constructed in a way that did not help them. More violence erupted, sometimes it's the only option, Nelson Mandela, MLK jr and even Gandhi knew this.  Be peaceful but don't stop others being violent on your behalf.

From interacting with Europeans during WWII the African-Americans did see that they were equal to any white person and deserved basic human rights too. This sense of rightful entitlement that we take for granted was new to them but it helped go on to spark the US civil rights era.  

Trump and Pence would demand you stand for the national anthem and demand that you show respect ... their version of respect. Kim Jong Un demands you cry on cue at the funeral for his dead father. Putin demands you show respect for the statues of Stalin. 

The Constitution gives Americans freedom of speech, expression and peaceful protest, it is un-American to force people to give that up just because you don't like or agree with it. 

Some people mistakenly thing that free speech is the right to make others listen to you but it isn't. 

Racism is still a big thing in the world, not just against blacks. However in the US it has been one of those things that lost steam when Martin Luther King jr was murdered. It has been ignored and not talked about for fear of appearing racist for merely talking about it. 

The incarceration rates speaks of a larger problem. The overwhelming white glow of the government speaks of a larger problem. Perhaps US police should just try to stop shooting all people, grow some balls for fucks sake. 

I've found that it's mostly white people that complain about the racism that they don't get or have never had to live with. Fox News does manage to find a few tokens that think they are white. How you you defeat the Apache? ... you use Apaches to track em down. 

No matter what color you are if it's wrong you must speak out against it. Sexual assault, sexism, sectarianism, homophobia you must never allow racism and bigotry to become normal or everyday. 

Master race reporting in

People have served and died for the freedom to kneel in protest. They have blown the inferior race crap out of the water by serving with honor and valor.  

You tell Captain Frederick Clinton Branch of the USMC who received a bachelor's degree in physics that he's inferior to some Confederate flag loving cousin fucking trailer dweller that don't reed too gud that's he's inferior to him based on skin pigmentation. 

It is a slippery slope releasing the "good" prisoners, helping Puerto Ricans survive a hurricane, letting Transgender people serve in the military. Before you know it their political rights being respected ... good. 

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