Thursday, 12 October 2017

Plan To Assassinate Kim Jong Un Revealed

US Special forces on exercise in South Korea

Sources at the Pentagon and at the British ministry of defense have both confirmed a secret plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un in order to prevent World War III. 

Due to International security I can't tell you much about Operation Rocketman except that the USS Tuscon, a nuclear submarine will be submerged 3 miles west of Kuwolsan which is 74 miles south west of Pyongyang.

On the next moonless night which luckily is on a Friday (best day for ratings) the Tuscon will disrupt all electronic signals and 2 Black Hawk helicopters with Blue Pulse stealth technology will fly from the USS Nimitz which will have just arrived from the Persian Gulf.

US Delta Force and British SAS will be on board, code named strike teams Alpha and Omega.

The best of British!

I can't say much but Omega will be led by Sergeant Henry 'Henno' Garvie of the SAS while Alpha will be led by Major Scott McCoy of Delta Force who is in charge of the op.

Landing 10 miles north of Sunan airport they'll move 5 miles on foot to the Ryongsang Residence which as everyone knows is the luxury compound in Pyongyang that Kim and his family live in.

Omega team goes into overwatch and guards the exit route while Alpha does the search and destroy.

Soldiers loyal to former air force general Ri Pyong Chol will let the teams in through the maze of security and Kim Jong Un and his sister Kim Yo Jong are to be eliminated, photos and DNA swabs taken.
The First lady Ri Sol-Ju and their 3 children removed to make the transition of power to General Ri Pyong Chol smoother.

Not average North Koreans these are American Delta Force in disguise 

When the teams depart Major McCoy and two of his best operators will travel by car to the South Korean border with Ri Sol-Ju and the children. They'll be paraded on the TV denouncing Kim Jong Un and thanking their rescuers .

It's a risky operation and also depends on General Kelly hiding President Trump's phone so he doesn't tweet clues and details. 

A deleted tweet

If anything goes wrong on the mission B-1B bombers, B-52 bombers and F-35B stealth fighters are prepared to level the whole country. A prototype B-2B Bomber will drop a SCOAB (second cousin of all bombs) on Pyongyang. The 2nd battalion aerial recon division will live stream the bombing on Fox News to get the best ratings.

Obama never understood war, he was all into his secret proxy war fighting Assad when he should have been fighting ISIS, he never got good ratings.

Major McCoy and Sgt Garvie are expected to get book deals from the mission and to end up hated by their peers as they become Fox News contributors. 


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