Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Harvey Wankstain

Just how blind is Hollywood? Harvey Weinstein has been groping, raping, wanking and making demands on up and coming actresses for 30 years. Look at the news now and nobody in Hollywood knew. Some say they heard rumors but that's just rumors.

All the stars today have worked with a sex offender but you ignore the rumors and just make your movie, actors are good at make believe... :::shrug::: it's a part of the business and those perks of watching Weinstein wank into a potted plant is why the dames get paid less than men, all the blokes get is a few more million dollars.

Remember when Hollywood had to pretend all the gay guys were straight?  Liberace was ghey? That was a shock for Matt Damon ... should have read the whole script before accepting.

Everyone and their dog has worked with Woody Allen. Old Knudsen has never liked him or his films, I thought he was supposed to be funny and intelligent? Ach do a shot every time someone says they have issues with intimacy and you'll get through them.

Allen says he is sad about Harvey Weinstein ... to put it another way he feels sorry for him. Of course he had to say about all those poor women but that we shouldn't go on a witch hunt like when some guy winks at a woman or some dude molests his children and marries an adopted one ... yeah witch hunts would be wrong! They ruined poor Bill Cosby's career. 

Ben Affleck is blind because Weinstein was a shock to him (it wasn't really he knew) it was also a shock to Matt Damon. Affleck only groped those ladies because he was looking for his career. Reindeer Games and Jersey Girl???? ... WeinStein was fucking you over dude.

Steven Seagal is .... Above the law ... straight to DVD near you from Friday

As mentioned before on this blog Steven Seagull settled his sexual harassment cases out of court and then went to Russia where he can touch weemen up all day as Russian weemen know their place and Seagull is one of those traitor types ... anything to annoy Americans eh Putin?

People are just remembering all the abusers, an actress even accused most of the cast of ER of getting her blackballed. It's hard to know who to believe. If you don't believe the woman you get called a part of the problem.
Some Chinese person on Twitter wanted me to Retweet the story of a Chinese billionaire living in New York who they said raped a 28 year-old Chinese woman. She escaped to the Chinese embassy  while in London and got back to China.
She wants $140 million in compensation and China wants him back to face trial ... not at all because he exposed some high level government fraud and made some powerful enemies. It all sounds very contrived, trying to make the US expel him for being a criminal etc. 

He has applied for asylum but will these convenient charges derail that? 

It's annoyed me, not just the likes of Meryl Streep but all the blokes rushing out to condemn WeinStein before whoever they themselves groped or hassled gets their story out.

Actors are supposed to study people, you'd think they be able to read Weinstein in the first 5 minutes. Perhaps they missed the awkward Gwyneth Paltrow segment on Letterman in 1998 or maybe they missed the red carpet Comedy's Central's 2005 when Courtney Love advised young actresses to not go if invited to a private Harvey Weinstein party.

He has to be a master bater manipulator as many of the ladies he assaulted went back to work on more movies with him.

Hairy Wankstain is doing his Mea culpa talking about therapy for sex addiction if that even really exists. He's 65 that's like expecting Donald Trump at 71 to stop being Putin's cock holster and to become presidential ... if they haven't changed by now they never will.   

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