Monday, 2 October 2017

Gun Loving Strikes Again

Old Knudsen was just thinking that the US was due for another shooting spree just like how Callyfornia is due a big earthquake.

Vegas of all places. Not your typical place for it, not since Jerad Miller in 2014 anyways. It happened at a cuntry music concert. I wonder if the attack was inspired by the Ariana Grande concert bombing in Manchester or the Pulse or the Bataclan. Music snobs huh.

I am actually surprised more gun attacks don't happen in the US, they are in love with guns so much so they have the right to own them rather than the right to clean drinking water or healthcare.

Rambo, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon all cash in on American gun love wrapped up in defending freedom and being the hero.

Without all the facts about the killer and their motive the people on social media have started speculating and denouncing.

You have the people that don't know the difference between semi and fully automatic saying how they shouldn't be sold. Just be on the safe side and say military spec weapons. If the military would use them then civilians don't need to be buying them.

Many rifles in the military can be just semi ... a bullet is fired every time you pull the trigger. Some can be semi and fully auto. The full setting being you empty your mag just holding the trigger down. There are some rifles that also give you 3 round bursts but they are for poofs. 

You don't need a mil spec weapon for self defense. A semi automatic handgun or rifle. How many times in your life have you said 'oh if I had a handgun then I wouldn't have died?' 

If you carry a semi-auto rifle like an AR-15 then please make sure you also carry about 100 rounds since yer going into battle an all. Make sure you have a fully packed Bergen with a 24 hr ration kit too since you may be called upon to overthrow a tyrannical government at any time as per the 2nd Amendment ... all on your own cos everyone thinks yer a creepy gun nut.

For self defense get a revolver, you aren't likely to shoot yourself by mistake with a revolver. A shotgun a lever or bolt action rifle will keep you safe from zombies too. Self defense is about avoiding taking action, the click of a revolver or shotgun works fine for that.

Or you can be British and have a set of balls. Because it's difficult to get guns here our whole bodies are weapons, we could fuck you up with a potato peeler. 

Having an NRA friendly president like Turnip has been bad for gun sales. Obama was gonna take your guns for fucks sake, everyone said so.

Now with decreasing sales the gun lobbyists are pushing for silencers to be legal. Anything to make a buck. Here is their argument. Gun owners deserve the right to have their hearing protected.

For decades gun owners have used a pair of ear defenders or those sponge ear protectors you shove in yer ear. No one yapped about suppressors or the need for them.

We live in an era in which people play the victim or turn total pussy in order to get their way. Flags and statues, it's destroying our heritage, gay marriage is against my beliefs, suppressors it's our ears ... fucken first world problems, these people need to be hit by a hurricane so then they'll know the value of what really matters.

The worse thing is they blame other people for not allowing them to be dickheads. Fucken mean Liberals upset our Nazi march ... we had a permit damn it, not fair!

shooting people makes me hard

Selling fully automatic rifles (assault rifles to Libtards) is legal in the US.  Well it costs a lot of money and you have to get special permits, too much for an average person. 

They get sold a semi-automatic version of a military weapon. If you look up Youtube you can see how to convert it to full which is illegal. So is shooting people by the way. 

 In space you use everything BUT a gun to kill the aliens with

The shooting in Vegas has some video of it. You can heard the gun. It is very difficult to shoot moving targets but when 1000 people are just standing there they'll panic and push into each other. It would be hard to not get a high body count. In this case like many others the shooter was not taken down by someone with a gun before they did their damage. 

The suspect in the Vegas shooting has been named as 64 year-old Stephen Paddock so don't be expecting Trump to condemn him too much, unless he voted for Hillary or something.  

If his weapon had a suppressor he probably could have loaded a few more times before people knew what was going on. A suppressor doesn't make the shots silent but it makes them less sharp and less gunshot like.

6 year-old Ben Wheeler killed at Sandy Hook

50 dead at the time of this writing, it is just another spree shooting in the US. The government and many of the people don't care enough to stop it. The right for some arsehole to own a gun is more important than the right for your child to be safe and alive.   

As well as "assault rifles" Americans also jump on the 'this has to be declared an act of terrorism' bandwagon. Americans taking over definitions to suit them.

I'm so old that I remember when terrorists used to be white like in Die Hard or Patriot Games.

Terrorism is acts of terror carried out for ideology or political purposes. Some bloke killing 50 at a cuntry concert may be terrifying but it isn't terrorism. Unless it turns out he did it to start a race war or for ISIS then no.

The fact that Old Knudsen has to have these conversations after every shooting spree shows you how difficult it is for humans to learn. Maybe they don't want to learn because they or those they know weren't killed. 

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