Monday, 23 October 2017

A Day Without Libtards

The collection name for a group of Liberals is a 'smug' of Liberals. 

What would happen if God decided to save the world by getting rid of its number one menace, Liberals?

Don't you just hate them with their signs, woolly hats and talk of equality and a clean environment for the future generations? Fuck the future generations, I probably wouldn't like them anyways. 

If you notice the left and those with liberal leanings tend to be more interesting and creative than the right. A leftie can be put to eternal shame if they got your and you're mixed up in a hastily sent tweet but those on the right have no shame or standards and so would insult you for being clever. 

Late night TV and TV in general would be kinda dull. No more blockbuster movies you'd have to rely on the old guard actors like Steven Seagull or Arnie. I hope you like movies with explosions and no plot twists. 

Perhaps Stephen Miller will take over Late Night TV, "My dog has no nose .... how does it smell? ... like a Muslim which is why we have to ban them" 

Um yeah, fucken hilarious. Steve Bannon doing car karaoke but misses the point and only plays Richard Wagner.

There would only be one news channel and with the Democrats gone and no opposition for Trump what would Hannity have to say? ... "Another great day in the land of the free, now for part 47 of the 300 parts series on why President Donald J Trump is so awesome."

Fucker Tucker Carlson wouldn't have to pretend that slavery was bad and could just come out and say even crazier stupid shit. Liberals are no longer dividing the nation ... it's left handed people that's doing it now. If you see one report it.

This is a liddle song called Blood and soil, I hope you like it. 

Nazis could walk around freely without fear of getting fired or sucker punched. They could go learn all that history they've been meaning to learn from the statues. Look Cleetus, this statue says General Lee is a hero ... I thought he was a car.

Everyone can have guns and as many as they want. They could do their spree shootings without fear of gun regulation. No one to tell them what mean fuckers they are for killing children etc it will probably lose its thrill and no one will want guns.

No liberals to scare my guns don't make me erect anymore.

Without Liberals to make books into movies how will anyone know what books to ban? The Handmaid's Tale was a book? All I know is that it makes great sense.

With no more gheyness, abortion and touchy feely therapy there will be weekly shame groups. Rape and pedophilia will be acceptable within the confines of good Christian marriage. Votes for women and driving cars was too much of a responsibility so they won't be having any of that.

Women love doing house work so they'll be doing plenty of that. Conservatives aren't evil, they'll allow some women to become teachers and nurses of course ... as long as they still have the dinner ready by six. 

"A man that wants women to stay in the kitchen doesn't know what to do with them in the bedroom" ~

People could finally stop hiding and allow themselves to be who they want to be. Trump wants to be Putin ... he also wants to do Putin.
The TV channels that didn't Fox news, sport or Nashville has talent would have Trump on it telling everyone how great he is. The History channel otherwise known as the Hitler channel for its non-stop Nazi coverage would be called the good old days channel and the Holocaust and the Nazis losing all the wars would be edited somewhat.

No one would be a drain on the nation by insisting on affordable healthcare. Only socialists and poofy European types demand healthcare. Tough Mericans die on their feet or on the toilet.

Immigrants, the sick and the old would no longer be a problem with no one to stick up for them.

There would be a death penalty for prison inmates because with liberals gone there would be tons of pent up anger so pay per view executions. Running a red light means spin the wheel of death!

Life would be perfect without those judgmental Liberals. Equality is for queers and steers and I don't see no horns on you.

Overlord Pence wouldn't have to hang gays because there are no gay Conservatives ... as long as they deny it and still have a "normal" Bible blessed family of course. Keep that weird butt stuff for the basement.

A Liberal would call Dennis Hastert a pedo child molester, under the new ' no accountability' laws he'd be called eccentric.

Sexual assault would be re-branded as hi-jinx because boys will be boys. Avocados and pumpkin spice whatever that is would be outlawed and the only Vegans about would be yon pointy eared fella on Star Trek re-runs ... hope you like re-runs.

Only home made alcohol will be allowed in mason jars to drink from and a man bun gets you a public stoning. There will be a selection of manly beards sanctioned by the state but ironic facial hair will be outlawed.

The only new music would be cuntry music or misery music. If a song doesn't have a dog, pickup truck and some longing for something then it isn't a real song. Toby Keith for his contribution to cuntry and for being the go to cunt singer for Trump rallies will be made a cunt ambassador.

With Liberals gone the center right people will probably go into hiding for fear of being singled out. A day without Libtards wouldn't be very funny or interesting but it would be all right.

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